Friday, February 11, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is brandon boyd! singer, songwriter, musician, writer, painter, photographer, genius, tattooed, hottie. brandon is the frontman for the grammy-nominated band incubus. incubus has released 6 studio albums since 1995, with additional live and compilation albums. they also have several dvd's... i own them all ;) in 2010 brandon released his first solo album called 'the wild trapeze'. he is maybe my favorite songwriter. his lyrics are so original, so creative, so amazing. i have a 'bathroom ipod' that i only play when i'm in the shower. 95% of the songs on there are incubus songs. i have some pretty enthusiastic shower concerts, thanks to them. haha. but, he's not just a musician... brandon has released 2 books filled with journal entries, paintings, sketches and other random writings. in his time off from music, he loves to paint... and he's REALLY good at it! he often donates his paintings to be auctioned off to raise money for different charities. brandon also, along with his bandmates, started an organization called THE MAKE YOURSELF FOUNDATION which funds various environmental causes and charities.
he is an amazing artist! he is an amazing lyricist! he is an amazing guy!
love this pic (above)

he's also a dog lover. here he is with his best friend, bruce.
if you're cute AND you love your dog enough to let him 
eat from your mouth... i'm gonna love you!

it was hard for me to choose which pics to put on here, and what to write in the intro. i've loved the band for yearrrrs, and i've had a crush on brandon since before i met my husband. he is easily my #2 crush of a lifetime... you know who the 1st is. one day i WILL meet him. i WILL get a pic with him. and i WILL maybe probably be arrested & slapped with a restraining order when he tries to leave and i won't let go of his arm. 

brandon has a birthday coming up. he'll be 35 on feb. 15.

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