Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dudes and dogs...

orlando bloom and sidi
orlando was filming a movie in morocco when he found sidi on the streets. 
he fell in love with the puppy and had to rescue him. thank you orlando. 
what a lucky pup!!!
orlando takes sidi everywhere with him. vacations, movie sets, lunch... everywhere!
sidi has traveled more than most humans i know. 
here is sidi at a dog park in LA...
in new york...
on the beach (with a friend) in the bahamas...
in london...
and finally taking a nap with orlando in between takes on the movie 'elizabethtown'. 

ryan gosling and his rescue dog, george
such a cute dog!!!!!!!!!
check out george's mohawk :)

thank you orlando and ryan for rescuing your dogs 
and showing them soooo much love!

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  1. Omg love Orlando and Sidi!!!! Looooove George!!!! How cute is his scruffiness!!!! And of course I love that these famous people rescued these pups!!!! They didn't feel that they needed designer pups from the best breeder!!!! Awesome!