Monday, September 26, 2011

freudian slip...

freudian slip: 
1.) a verbal or memory mistake that is believed to be linked to the unconscious mind.
2.) an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.
3.) a verbal mistake that is thought to reveal a repressed belief, thought, or emotion.

you get the idea!

i own a shirt that until yesterday i had never worn. it's been hanging in the closet for a loooong time. i love the shirt, but wasn't sure how people would react to it. yesterday i decided, i don't give a crap what people think, i like the shirt, i'm wearing it! 
this is that shirt:

if you just saw some random girl wearing this, you probably wouldn't know who the guy on the shirt is. buttttt, since you know me... you know right away who it is. i LOVE black & white photos, i LOVE mohawks and i LOVE me some leto... therefore i LOVE this shirt! it's super soft and has distressed hems on the sleeves, bottom and neck. it looks old and worn in (not as new and crisp as the photo seems). i love it. i'm thinking "nobody is going to know who this is. unless you REALLY know who jared leto is, and you're looking REALLY closely". the shirt is baggy too, so imagine it's saggy, baggy and folded in some areas. so, i wear the shirt for the 1st time yesterday to a family bbq. i walked in the house and my mom says "ooooh is that henry on your shirt?!" haha. *note, she wasn't wearing her glasses!* my sister knew immediately who it was... but that's only because she knows me. hubs and i enjoyed the bbq and we left. on the way home we had to stop at petsmart. i was talking to a lady there (who i'm assuming was in her mid 30's - i could be totally wrong. i hate guessing people's ages) about a cute puppy she had. she said "yeah, the whole leto is cute. LITTER! the whole LITTER is cute!!!" haha BUSTED! i smiled and acted like i didn't notice. i'm guessing she recognized the person on my shirt ;)
but yes lady, i'll agree. the WHOLE leto IS cute!

Friday, September 23, 2011

crush of the week....

this week's crush is dexter morgan! 
this is kind of a strange one. dexter is a character on a show. i don't so much have a crush on michael c. hall (the actor who plays dexter)... i have a crush on dexter, the character.... oh, who also happens to be a serial killer. don't judge me. the new season of dexter starts next sunday (oct. 2, 9pm - on showtime) and i CAN'T WAIT! i was going to do this crush next week, since it'd be right before the season premiere... but i thought i'd do it a week early, so you can remember to set your dvr's or whatever. if you haven't watched the show before, i REALLY recommend that you go out & buy, rent, borrow or steal season 1 and start watching TONIGHT! you'll be hooked by the 3rd or 4th episode. we didn't start watching dexter until the 4th season (i think) was airing. we got season 1 and started watching them, and were instantly hooked. there were some nights that we'd watch 3 or 4 episodes in a row. (we did the same thing when we first started watching '24' and 'lost' too. we would watch 3 episodes and be sooooo tired, but we'd both look at each other and say "ok, just ONE more episode tonight, then we'll go to bed!" haha). 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


you know what i love, love, love?!?!?

seriously. i loooove cows so much. i think they're beautiful. i love their eyelashes. i love their noses. i love their ears. i love them. i saw a miniature cow once, and i thought i'd burst from excitement. it was adorable. i would love to live on a farm and have a cow & a miniature cow. i think my favorite's are the jersey cows. i always tell hubs that i want one, and he laughs and says "a cow?? why??? they aren't fun. they don't play or cuddle". i was determined to prove him wrong, so i found videos on youtube of cows playing with balls. it made me want one even more!


i want to kiss her!

holy cow! (haha)

how can you not love them?!?!

proof that cows do cuddle! i love this pic sooo much!

i saw this video earlier this week and loved it! a jazz band was in france and stopped to play some music for the cows. the cows seem to love it!

sweet lil things.

Friday, September 16, 2011

crush of the week....

this weeks crush will be different than past weeks. you won't find hot pics of shirtless guys. you won't leave here feeling guilty for the naughty thoughts my crush has provoked. you WILL probably sigh and say "ooooooooooh how cute!!!!" though. ready????

meet our daughter, pippi!!! :) yep, i have a crush on my new pup.
she is the sweetest thing in the world. i've had her for a week now and every day i love her more. i never knew how tired i could get until this week. i am in a permanent sleepwalk. i knew a puppy would be a lot of work... but wow, i wasn't ready for this!!! to add to the madness, hubby has been out of town all week, so i've been on my own.... doing EVERYTHING! we don't have a yard, so i have been taking her out to potty at least every 2-3 hours. yes, 10 (or more) times EVERY.DAY. the potty breaks between 2am-5am are my favorite *sarcasm*. the first 4 nights i slept on the couch with her kennel next to me. averaging less than 4 hours of sleep a night... and having those 4 hours being on the couch = a nightmare week. the past 2 nights we've moved up to the bedroom. it's going a little better, but beast cat isn't happy that she's up there. to show me his dissatisfaction with the new family member, beast cat throws a fit in the night! meowing, howling, knocking everything off of the kitchen counter, jumping on my chest while i sleep - then screaming in my face. hopefully one day he'll get over it and they can be friends. he's our baby, and he was here first... so it's really important to us that he's ok with the new change. pippi seems to want to play with him... so fingers crossed!! i feel like i might KIND OF know how new moms feel. i'm starting to think that postpartum depression isn't caused by hormones... it's caused by lack of sleep. i have been crying off and on this whole week... and i know it's just because i haven't slept a full night in ages. i'm also thinking that breast feeding doesn't make you lose weight... again, it's lack of sleep and no motivation to make food. do you want to lose weight, but not go on a diet?! get a puppy. thank goodness she's cute ;)
so here's how we got her. it's kind of a sweet story.
hubs was at petsmart 2 weekends ago and they were doing an adoption event with a rescue group called ARK. he saw a pup that he was really drawn to. the rescue company was just getting ready to leave, and they were packing the dogs up. they told him they'd be back the following weekend. hubs would be out of town that weekend, so he told me to go to petsmart and check out the dog. saturday morning i went to petsmart and immediately saw the dog he liked. she was cute... but seemed a little too rambunctious for me. there were A LOT of dogs there, so i made my rounds looking in all of the kennels. there was 1 kennel that had a litter of pups (maybe 7 puppies) that were precious. there were a few girls in the litter, and 2 of them were reallllly cute. i went back and forth, and back and forth between the little pups and the dog hubs liked. an older couple (probably in their late 70's) picked up 1 of the cute little girl pups and walked around with her for a long time. i kept watching them, and the lady wouldn't let the dog go. she was in love. i picked up the other cute girl pup and walked around for awhile with her. she was adorable, but seemed sooo fearful. she didn't stop shaking the entire time i was holding her. i put her down and decided to take the dog hubs chose for a walk. she was seriously out of control. the rescue group told me she's a great dog, but she's been kenneled for a looong time, so she's just happy to be out. she won't be this wild all the time. *hmmm, i'm not sure i believe you*. i took the wild girl inside and we went in a room to see how she'd react to a cat. we walked in the tiny room and the sweet older couple were in there with the sweet, adorable, quiet puppy. my wild puppy jumped all over the poor old man, cut his arm and made him bleed. i felt horrible. we talked for awhile and after sitting in there with the wild pup, the nice couple and the quiet dog... i said to the older couple "i think you guys are changing my mind... i think i want to get your girls sister!" the lady said "you want our dog?" and i said "NOOOOOO, she's cute, but i'm gonna get her sister! i'm not gonna take your dog!". she smiled and i could tell she had seen me watching them earlier outside. i took wild pup back out and came back inside to fill out the paperwork for sweet pup's shaky sister. about 15 minutes later (and a couple papers into the adoption process) the old couple came out of the room. the lady walked up to me (with the pup still in her hands) and said "we want you to have her". i said "NO WAY! i'm getting her sister. thank you though!". the lady insisted. she sat down next to me and said "we talked and the timing just isn't right for us. she's supposed to be your dog". i could tell she was upset, and she held the puppy for quite awhile longer while i was doing more paperwork. i kept saying "you don't have to do this. i'm fine taking her sister. really!". we sat with each other for a bit and the lady handed her over. she said "just take good care of her!". it was really sweet. sooo, i finished filling out paperwork, and left with the quiet, sweet little girl. fyi, that "quiet, sweet little girl" has ripped apart several stuffed animals this week, as i'm typing this has attacked my feet and is now attacking a newspaper. oh well, the adorable old couple said she was meant to be my dog, and for some reason i believe them. i love this little girl, and she REALLLLLY loves me.
here she is. our little pippi.
they guessed she was a beagle/chihuahua mix. what do you think?

chew, chew, chew all day long.

so proud of her new collar & name tag.

looks comfy, huh?!

sweet lil pip.

she's already learned she has to sit patiently for her food.
what a smart girl!

just like a cat, she LOVES to lay in a patch of sun.

how cute is she?!?!?!?

special girl, with a white heart on the back of her head.

i'm glad one of us is able to get some peaceful sleep! ;)

she's precious, huh?! she's still very young and has 1 more set of vaccinations to get. we haven't been able to go for adventures or long walks yet... but once she's fully vaccinated we're gonna have a lot of fun together.  i can't wait to take her to the dog park, or dog beach, or just walk around the block with her and hubs. but for now... my focus is on praying for patience, wisdom and the ability to keep my sanity... oh and trying to get some sleep. somehow. somewhere. someday. 

(i'm not even gonna go back and spell/grammar check this. it'll take too much time and i'm too tired. haha. deal with it.)

Friday, September 2, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is stephen dorff. takin' it back old school!!! i remember seeing him on/in a lot of magazines when i was younger and i thought he was so cute.

it was hard to find pictures of him with shirts/clothes on. seriously. there were sooo many more pics of him shirtless (and even less clothed than that!!!). so here are some 'skin' pics for you pervs ;)

ok, now i understand why he doesn't like wearing shirts.

celebrity #987,082,155 that owns a french bulldog.