Friday, March 30, 2012

crush of the week...

it's been WAY too long since my last crush of the week post.

this weeks crush is paul rudd! he has a great smile, nice eyes, and is funny. c'mon, how could you not crush on him?!

my crush first started when i saw him in 'clueless'...

then i liked him on 'friends'. remember when he wanted to change his name to 'crap bag'?! haha

even with a beard and long hair (in 'our idiot brother') i thought he was cute :)

dork! i love it.

THEN, he recently started wearing glasses... and i knew he couldn't escape my blog. the glasses totes magotes totally cemented his position as a crush of the week.

i found this video, and i love all 2 mins and 23 seconds of it. he's adorbs (hubs, HATES that word ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

pics to make you smile...

i found all of these pictures on pinterest. i loved them so much that i have to share them with you.

and lastly,
probably my favorite picture that i've EVER seen on pinterest...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

frozen banana bites...

this is what i'm obsessed with this week-
frozen banana bites

i wanted to have some little treats in the house for when i'm having my chocolate cravings. so i came up with these little guys. they're so good. they'd be even better on a hot summer day.

2 ripe bananas (make sure they're REALLY ripe. the more freckled, the better!)
peanut butter (of course i suggest all natural pb)
1/2 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips

as i've never made these before, this was all trial and error. i lined a miniature cookie sheet (it's really small, it came with our toaster oven) with foil. i sliced the bananas, put them on the sheet and put the whole tray in the freezer. after the bananas had hardened, i tried dipping them in softened pb... that didn't work so well. so, if you're gonna make these, just dab some pb on top of the bananas - and the bananas won't have to be frozen beforehand... but you'll have to freeze them after you put the pb on them. after the bananas and pb are completely frozen, dip them in melted chocolate. i used 1/2 a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips, and had leftover melted chocolate... but i only dipped half of the banana in chocolate. if you want more chocolate, use the whole bag and submerge the entire banana bite in the chocolate. the chocolate will start to harden almost immediately because the bananas are so cold. i lined my cookie sheet with parchment paper and put the completed banana-pb-choc bites in the freezer. after they were frozen solid, i put them in a ziplock freezer bag. they're so easy, so tasty, and the perfect thing to satisfy that sweets craving. give 'em a try!

ok, so, they're not pretty. but who cares... they taste delish!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


big ol' giant buzzing monster.
i hate when you hear the loud, distinct sound of a predator buzzing around. it always makes me tense. i immediately assess my surroundings and make a quick plan of where i will go if a swarm of bees, wasps, or any other killers come after me. all if this happens in about 2 seconds. i don't consciously make a plan... my brain automatically does it. every time. anyway, i had my camera out yesterday and heard the loud buzzing and saw that giant, solid black bumble bee. it was nearly the size of a volkswagon, so i had to take a pic.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

picture post...

sweet miss juney

i wish this was my backyard

awesome tree

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

picture post...

poor neglected blog. one whole month without any love :(
it's not that i haven't had anything to post, i guess i just got lazy. oops.

i spent part of today at my friends house. they're out of town, and asked henry and i to look after the house and their pup. they live in the wine country area. one side of the house is surrounded by a vineyard, the other side (and entire back of the house) is loaded with horses, and 1 donkey. i love it so much. i took advantage of the nice weather, and great property, and took my camera out today.

here's little miss june bug! she's such a sweet, smart girl. she needs to be a tv/movie dog. she learns so fast and would do anything for a tiny chunk of chicken... or a toy... or just some praise and love.

beautiful wildflowers

when we were out back admiring the horses, we saw this little pup and her mom peeking around the barn. i made kissy sounds, and she came running up to me with the happiest full-body wag ever. i had to hop the fence to give her love. her mom (a stocky, beefy, tough looking girl) came running up super fast. i thought "oh lord, please don't be an over protective, aggressive mom". right then henry said "uh oh! this one doesn't look as friendly!!" mom ran right up to me (as i'm crouched down loving on her kid) and buried her head in my chest. it was precious. i have a feeling if i would've ran from her, she would've chased me... and it wouldn't have ended as nicely. i'm glad she let me show her some love as well. she was a sweet girl... but didn't like the camera at all, so i only have pics of the little girl. wow... that story kinda dragged on, huh?! here let me start over. here's a dog that lives with the horses, behind the house. the end.

i love, seriously LOVE taking pics of animals. the flowers are fun, the beach is nice, the sunsets are pretty... but there's something about taking pics of animals, and seeing their eyes looking straight into the camera, that makes me so happy. (i'm going back tomorrow, and will probably take 20 more pics... of the same animals... but it will still be just as exciting as today.)

to end this loooong post, i have to repost a pic that my friend put on facebook today. it's TOTALLY me (except i'm not drunk, and i'd be holding a water bottle instead of a wine glass).