Wednesday, March 30, 2011

number 50...

so, here it is.... my 50th blog post!!! how can that be?!?! when i wrote my 1st blog post jan. 5, i was thinking "well, this might be kinda fun. we'll see if i stick to it. i'm sure nobody will even read the junk i post". i never would've thought that almost 3 months later, i'd have 50 posts done, and actually have a few followers and people leaving comments. i logged on today, and noticed that i've had a lot of pageviews lately. i'm not sure what you're all coming here for... but i'm glad you're finding something to distract you from the day to day craziness in your own lives. according to 'bloggers' - 'pageviews by countries'... just this week alone i've had visitors from malaysia, australia, canada, saudi arabia, slovakia, france, philippines, and of course the united states. i'm gonna tattle on all of you right now.... you're all here looking at pics of guys on my 'crush of the week' or 'dudes with dogs' posts!!! naughty, naughty!!! ;) ok, not ALL of you are here for the guys... there was 1 person who was directed to my blog 'cause i mentioned the volcano in japan. you're excused, but the rest of you have some 'splaining to do ;) 

anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by and leave comments.

now get back to work!!! haha

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

dudes and dogs...

channing tatum and his rescue dog lulu
check out lulu's gorgeous blue eyes!
happily trotting through LAX

ewan mcgregor and sid
are you kidding?! how cute is this?!
just a jolly ol' bike ride through london

hayden christensen

Monday, March 28, 2011


there are a lot of things i say that unintentionally make my husband laugh. you've heard the saying "i'm not laughing AT you, i'm laughing WITH you"... well, he's usually laughing AT me. i often catch myself saying "why is that funny?". one thing he always laughs at (and actually HATES) is when i say something is yummy. he doesn't like the word, and he ESPECIALLY doesn't like it when i'm saying it about something that is not edible. he doesn't understand why i'd use the word 'yummy' for something that i like, that isn't food. i know i'm not the only person that describes things as being yummy, right?!?! here are some examples:

chocolate cake... an obvious yummy.
this one he would understand, 
but would prefer that i choose another word to describe it.

sleeping kittens... yummy.

basket full of puppies... yummy.

puppy breath... yummy.
i honestly enjoy the smell of puppy breath

my favorite barefoot dreams blanket... yummy.
my favorite cozy blanket + my favorite movie + chocolate = a yummy overload.

jared leto's bum... yummy :)
ah heck, the front is pretty yummy too.

and maybe the yummiest of all yummy's on this blog.... THIS!
cutest little bunbun that i've ever seen... yummy!

do you hate the word yummy? 
do you ever use it for things other than food? 
i mean, c'mon, how can you argue that the baby bunny is anything but yummy!!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is jude law! actor, dior model, ladies man, british, hottie. did you know his real name is david jude law?!? he doesn't look like a david to me, he's totally a jude. he has beautiful eyes, a nice smile, a great fashion sense AND a british accent. sold! he's been in a bunch of movies, but my favorite jude law movie has to be 'the holiday' (with cameron diaz, kate winslet and jack black). it's such a girly movie, but i love it. i have the dvd, and never watch it, yet every time 'the holiday' is on tv, i can't change the channel. hubby always says "we have the dvd, ya know?! you can watch it anytime... without commercials!". there's just something different about flipping through the channels and stumbling upon it on tv. it's somehow more 'special'.
even with his new phil collins hair, i still like him :)

i feel like my 'crush of the week' posts keep getting longer and longer - with pictures, and shorter and shorter - with introductions. but really, you're not coming here to read what i have to say, you're coming for the pictures, right?! so i assume you'll let me know if you think i'm over doing it with pics. sometimes it's hard for a girl to narrow down pics of hot guys into 8 or less pics. if my eyes want more, i'm assuming your eyes want more also :) am i wrong?!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

here kitty, kitty...

i know everybody likes cute boys, but maybe not everybody likes dogs. if you don't like dogs, there is something wrong with you, seriously. in case you don't enjoy my 'dudes and dogs' posts, maybe this is more your 'cup of tea'. here's some dudes and cats. most of these pics are random guys i found online, but some are celebs. enjoy.
dear unknown random guy, i  you.
russell brand
criss angel
marlon brando
james franco
kurt cobain

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

dudes and dogs...

dudes and dogs: brother's edition

owen wilson and his australian cattle dog, garcia

luke wilson, 
he also has an australian cattle dog

hmmmm, same career, same dog, i wonder if they also drive matching cars :)