Wednesday, March 9, 2011

41 is the new 30-something (for some lucky people)...

my favorite drummer/hottie/rockstar from MARS is FORTY ONE today!

happy birthday shannon leto!!!!!!!
since when does 41 look this good????
no forehead wrinkles....
no eye wrinkles...
should i remind you that shannon is only 4 years younger than charlie sheen?! 
"WINNING!"?!? uhhh, sorry charlie, not even close! you're sooooo losing here! your tiger blood has NOTHIN' on leto blood! truth.

normally i find myself liking skinny-ish guys, but shannon's body KILLS me!
if you want a fit guy, that's not overly muscley, go for a drummer. 
they get such a good workout drumming. he sweats his ass off during shows.
he's 41 people.

beastly back - this pic is amazing
i loooove this pic, i'm not sure why.
it might be the beads of sweat on his arm, i dunno.
ok, so we've established that he looks good in pics. but he's also a phenomenal drummer. for reals. he's an animal. you get a bit hypnotized watching him drum. you start wondering 'wow, how can he move so fast? how do his arms bend that way?'.
since you're already here... wasting time in your busy day, you might as well watch the videos i'm gonna post right now :) i know most people don't have the attention span to watch a 4 minute video of someone drumming, so i've helped you out. i'll tell you exactly what parts to watch.

during their song 'vox populi' he always stands up to drum this slower part of the song. i don't know if it's to give his numb butt a break, or so that we can get better pics of his sweaty shirtless body. either way, thanks shan!
(the vid is less than a minute long. don't let jared's blue hair distract you, just watch shannon :)

ok, the next 1 is precious! the band picked this little boy out of the audience to play drums for the last song of the night. watch 0:01-0:25, you can see that the boy is concentrating sooooo hard and is so stiff. fast forward the video towards the end and watch 6:51-7:35 the kid has loosened up and is having fun... and shockingly can keep the beat. i love the very end when shannon hugs him then says "you can keep those drumsticks, ok?" and the boy nods, then looks back at his dad with a grin. cute little kid.

1 last thing.... shannon smells amazing. when i met them in vegas, he hugged me (then later put his arm around me for our pic) and i smelled like him for the rest of the night. my shirt still smelled like him the next day when i unpacked it at home. the 14 year old in me thought "i'll never wash it again!", then i realized "i'm 29. this is the real world. i wash my clothes because i need to wear them again... and oh yeah, i'm married".

did you know that on all of my blog posts, you can click on the pics and it will usually bring the pic up in a larger size?! i'm sure you're all blog savvy and already knew that... but just wanted to remind you.

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  1. cutie!!! and he was also on my so called life as jordan's friend... which i am sure you know since you live for the letos =)