Saturday, March 19, 2011

my baby is growing up...

7 years ago my little baby kitty, dr. dobsie, was born! :) henry laughs at me, because i still call him a baby... he's 7 now, i guess he hasn't been a baby in a long time. as long as he is the 'smaller' cat in our family, he will be the 'baby'. so, when henry and i first moved in together, we had our big fat orange cat, but wanted a 2nd kid. i worked with a girl whose mom's cat was having kittens. the way i remember it.... the girls mom was a cat breeder (yeah, i know. i wouldn't normally get a pet from a breeder... especially 1 like this). anyway, she bred several different kinds of cats. 1 of her bengal cats mated with her russian blue "accidentally" and to keep her 'breeder' name looking good, she had to "get rid of the kittens, fast". they obviously didn't care who they went to, or what happened with the kittens. it was sad. we weren't allowed to tell people who we got the kitten from either. march 20th, i went to work and my co-worker said "the mom cat had her kittens yesterday!". some of the kittens were brown-spotted-bengal looking, with a couple of solid russian blue colored... and there was 1 special kitten. a white "snow" bengal kitten. she said "you should take the white kitten". i agreed. i didn't get to see him until the day we picked him up. the very first day we brought him home, i knew something was different about this cat. i didn't know anything about bengals or russian blues... all i knew is that this cat wasn't normal. he was like a wild animal! he was still very young so we would give him kitten food, mixed with water and warmed up in the microwave, then mashed to a soft mush. he would SCREAM non-stop while we were heating the food up. we'd set the food down for him, and he'd dig his face in it, while growling and "nom, nom, nomming" out loud. i had never heard sounds like this from any other cat i'd had. when he was done, his face would be covered in food. within a week of having him, i was playing with him on the floor and threw a toy.... shockingly, he brought it back to me, over and over again. WHAT??? a cat that plays fetch? what kind of creature is this?! i thought it was pretty awesome! he started to become a little too wild.... he tried climbing walls, door frames, tv cabinet, anything and everything. i was starting not to like him. he was out of control. it took a couple years for him to settle down. fast forward 7 years... he still is wild and crazy. he roars like a lion. still climbs the door frames. still SCREAMS while we're making his dinner. stalks/hunts our poor unsuspecting fat orange cat.... but we love him. he has his sweet side too (and thankfully he sleeps a lot). here he is.... he's my little 'punkin head' (with more nicknames than any animal i know... dr. dobsie-official name, dobsie, dobs, wobs, wobsicle, punkin head, punkin face, punkie, punk, beast)
he started out a cute little white fluff ball.
(notice poontz's dissatisfaction with the new 'toy' we brought home)
then turned into a laser-eyed scary beast face, waiting in silence, ready to attack poontz
sometimes they love eachother
sometimes they fight over who gets the "good bed"
"i'm sunbathing, leave me alone!"
looks like a sweet normal cat, huh?!
just don't wake him up!
he LOVES to nap under a blanket. covered head to toe. there have been times when i can't find him, and he'll be under a blanket on the couch. he'll nap there for hours and hours.
since we knew how much he likes to burrow in the blankets. we got him his own kitty sleeping bag for christmas. he climbed right in.
sometimes he's cross-eyed, which makes me love him more.

♥ him

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