Wednesday, March 30, 2011

number 50...

so, here it is.... my 50th blog post!!! how can that be?!?! when i wrote my 1st blog post jan. 5, i was thinking "well, this might be kinda fun. we'll see if i stick to it. i'm sure nobody will even read the junk i post". i never would've thought that almost 3 months later, i'd have 50 posts done, and actually have a few followers and people leaving comments. i logged on today, and noticed that i've had a lot of pageviews lately. i'm not sure what you're all coming here for... but i'm glad you're finding something to distract you from the day to day craziness in your own lives. according to 'bloggers' - 'pageviews by countries'... just this week alone i've had visitors from malaysia, australia, canada, saudi arabia, slovakia, france, philippines, and of course the united states. i'm gonna tattle on all of you right now.... you're all here looking at pics of guys on my 'crush of the week' or 'dudes with dogs' posts!!! naughty, naughty!!! ;) ok, not ALL of you are here for the guys... there was 1 person who was directed to my blog 'cause i mentioned the volcano in japan. you're excused, but the rest of you have some 'splaining to do ;) 

anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by and leave comments.

now get back to work!!! haha

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