Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wardrobe wednesdays...

i guess i shouldn't really call this 'wardrobe wednesdays' since i'm sure it won't be a weekly post. i don't know nearly enough about fashion to have a weekly fashion post. all i know is i like things that are comfortable. i was browsing online, and came across an outfit i really liked... except i didn't like it for me... a guy was wearing it. i swear i was looking for clothes for me, i wasn't looking up male runway models. 
anyway, i thought i'd share the looks i found. all of the pictures are from the balmain fall 2011 show in paris. i love the 'grunge' look for some guys. these pics have a bit of grunge mixed with current fashion. these outfits obviously aren't for everybody. and you probably have to be manorexic to wear this many layers and still look good.
i love tall boots.

i'm a fan of guys in scarves.

minus the belt, i love this!

i love striped shirts, and i LOVE his boots.

this is all kinds of goodness. if he lost 1 scarf it'd be even better.
the hair, the plaid shirt, the socks, the boots - all good.

love all of this too.
if he had on the boots from pic #4 it'd be a perfect outfit!

whatcha think? do you like any of it?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


this is my 100th post! woohoo!

you know what i haven't posted enough of?? --> gifs.
you know what i have posted enough of?? --> jared leto crap.
if i combine the 2, i'm sure it evens out. so, welcome to todays post! haaa

i love gifs. seriously. i see them on peoples tumblr's, twitters, blogs, etc. and i love them.
i especially love when they post a gif in response to a question or comment.
"did you hear george clooney is single again?"
*for the record, i do not know mr. clooney's relationship status*

example 2:
"did you see the pictures of joe manganiello my friend kellee posted on her blog?"

fun, huh?! haha
so what could be better than pics of jared? MOVING pics of jared!
here we go.

my exact reaction to his eyes in the 1st gif

my response to the people reading this, rolling their eyes:

jared's response:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

bonjour, mes amis...

if i had buckets o' money & i wasn't afraid of flying...
this is where i'd go. tomorrow (or tonight).

*said with a french accent*



this is amazing!

k, well actually if i had buckets o' money & wasn't afraid of flying, i'd go lots of places (like the UK, but since i've been there, twice, france is top on my list for now). 
isn't it lovely?

Friday, August 12, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is jim caviezel! i recently watched The Thin Red Line and was thinking "hmmm, jim caviezel is kinda cute. he's gonna end up on the blog".

he's a good lookin' fella, huh?!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

dudes and dogs...

shaun white and rambo
i love fat, puppy bellies!

(i think this is the 1st schnauzer on 'dudes and dogs'!!)


when you think of tough guy, 50-cent... 
would you guess he owns a pit bull? doberman? german shepherd?
nope, here's fiddy and his tiny girl, 'oprah'
she even has a heart on her collar. 

don't make fun of his lil girl's pink cast...
especially while he's looking up guns on the computer.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

dudes and dogs...

pierce brosnan and shiloh
(she's a rescue from hawaii! thanks pierce!)

john krasinski

chris martin