Sunday, January 30, 2011

dress up time...

remember when i said that 30 seconds to mars puts on amazing live shows that are super fun?! (i mentioned it in an older blog post HERE). well, for a handful of tour dates they set up 'theme nights'. i came across some newer pics this morning and thought i'd share a few.

here are a couple of pics from "doctor/medical" night-
atlanta - jan. 2011
dr. jared in his scrubs, lab coat, rubber gloves and face mask
(i AM still a bit sick. does anyone have this dr's number?)

dr. tomo (dark blue scrubs), dr. jared (light blue scrubs & lab coat) and 
dr. matt (touring bassist - red scrubs)

here are some pics from "preppy/yuppie" night-
denver - jan. 2011
yuppie jared (i think it's adorable!)

yuppie tomo

yuppie jared running around with a tennis racket - so 'hamptons-ish' :)

it's not just the band that dresses up, they encourage the audience to dress up as well. they send out messages on facebook, twitter, radio interviews etc announcing the themes.

"neon war paint" night
somewhere in europe 2010

fun, huh?!?! they've also done army/camo night, bloodball night (which is fun around halloween. people dress up like they're going to a ball, and mars sets up a 'blood booth' where you can get fake blood painted on you), kings & queens night, and so many more.... even a field & stream night. i'm serious. it was years ago, i wasn't there, but the pics were hilarious. they even had a tent onstage. unfortunately none of the shows that i've been to have been theme nights, but if i get the chance to go to one, I WILL! who doesn't love to dress up for a night?!?

Friday, January 28, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is colin farrell! actor, bad boy, irish, hottie. colin has been in almost 30 films over the past 15 years. in 2009 he won the golden globe award for his performance in 'in bruges'. he has a bad boy reputation (swearing, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, rehab, sex tape, 2 baby mommas, etc etc) but i can't help it, i like him! i think the irish accent hypnotizes me and i'm sucked in (like all of the rest of his alleged hollywood flings). he's a charmer. every time i watch interviews with him, i catch myself smiling anytime he smiles or laughs.... it's kinda disgusting. what??? are you laughing at me??? watch this clip of him on the ellen degeneres show and tell me you don't at least smirk (watch from 0:30 - 2:25ish...or longer if you want). and then tell me that you don't (even for a second) wish that you were a 53 year old lesbian comedian/talk show host. click HERE. here are some pics to check out after you've gotten giddy from watching the video ;)

don't stare at this pic (above) too long, 
i feel like he could possibly get you pregnant just by looking at you!

you've probably forgotten all about the bad boy stuff, huh?! haha even with his gritty past we have something in common. what? he's a big hollywood star, you're a big dork from a small town. what in the world could you have in common?! we both have a love for jared leto *sigh*. in 2004 colin and jared both starred in the movie 'alexander', where their characters were portrayed as possibly being secret lovers. since then their bromance has blossomed. watch this clip of colin on jay leno... just the thought of jared makes him giggle like i do a teenage girl! strange, huh?! why does he get so uncomfortable talking about jared?!? 

and here are some bromantic pics of the 2 of them. consider me jealous!

i feel like this one (above) might be photoshopped, but i dunno.

colin, dude, back off my man!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

cough, sneeze, cough, cough...

i don't know what this nasty virus is. i curse the person that was kind enough to share it with me! i've been sick for more than a week now. i know several people that have had the same thing, and it's always lasted more than 2 weeks... looks like i have another week of this fun! oh joy! thank goodness i have 2 cats that love to cuddle with me while i'm sick in bed :)
ps. i'm curious how much snot 1 head can produce. seriously, i think i've set a guinness world record. yeah, i'm bragging.

this is a pretty accurate depiction of me.... but add triple the amount of tissues, and my night stand has A LOT more junk on it (tea, thera-flu, tylenol pm, ibuprofen, mucinex, bottled water, and more tissues!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

scoring extra points...

i might start a new weekly post...inspired by a pic in my last 'crush of the week' post (see it HERE). can you guess which pic, and what the topic would be?! you know how much i like cute boys AND you know that i'm a huge animal lover.... so what's better than cute boys that love their dogs (or any dogs... doesn't have to be their own dog)?! seriously guys, you can score extra points with most girls if you're an animal lover. so here's a couple of dudes with their dogs :)

paul walker (from 'varsity blues', 'the fast and the furious' movie series, etc)
 and his dog, boone

kellan lutz (from the 'twilight' series)
and his dog, kola

kellan (and kola) have done ads for peta encouraging people to 'adopt, not buy'. kellan adopted kola from a los angeles shelter. thank you kellan! extra points dude, extra points ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

always in stock...

remember going to friends houses after school? the first thing you'd do was go to the fridge or cupboard and look for snacks. each house had their own things that they ALWAYS had, every time you'd go over there. maybe they were the lucky family that ALWAYS had frozen waffles in the freezer. or maybe it was the huge costco size box of twix bars. or maybe it was goldfish crackers or fruit roll-ups... whatever it was, you knew no matter what, they would always have them available. well, here at my house, we have our 'always in stock' foods too... but they're nowhere near as exciting as twix and goldfish crackers! if you come to our house, i can GUARANTEE that we will ALWAYS have these delicious, but not as exciting foods:
laura scudder's all natural smooth peanut butter
(i usually have back-up jars of this too. i'm obsessed with this pb!!)

milton's whole grain bread
(we don't eat any other type of bread. i love it)

bananas. always.

chocolate almond raisin zone bars
(they're yummy. and they're the perfect thing to keep in your handbag and/or car)

it's probably a good thing we don't have kids. can you imagine how boring their friends would think we are?! their friends would never want to come over after school.... unless they could drive through taco bell first. in my defense.... i LOVE all of these things, and this isn't the worst house i've been to. i once went to a house that ONLY had vegetables... literally, ONLY VEGETABLES! they had a fish bowl on the kitchen counter with a goldfish in it, and a piece of lettuce floating in the top of the fish bowl. even the fish wasn't allowed to have 'normal' food. that's not a joke, that's a true story! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

crush of the week...

this crush is kinda random (they can't all be the obvious rockstar crush, right?!)

this weeks crush is marc jacobs! fashion designer, creative genius, super rich, kinda hottie. i'm sure you've allllll heard his name before. maybe you even own some of his designs. he is the face & name behind... yep, marc jacobs (the brand). but... maybe you didn't know that since 1997 he has also been the creative director for louis vuitton! don't you wish he was your bff and you could call him and say "if, by any chance, you have some 'samples' that you're getting rid of... send 'em my way!" - of course i mean 'sample' handbags, sunglasses and accessories, lord knows i'd NEVER fit in sample size clothing!

love the black, head to toe!

not a bad bod for 47, huh?!

not only do i LOVE that he stopped to pet a dog tied to a NYC bench... but it's gotta make you smile seeing him wear a leather jacket, pleated skirt and carrying 1 of his many birkin bags! he's a fashion designer and he's rich, he can wear whatever he wants!

*it's kinda funny that i'm writing about marc jacobs & hermes birkin bags while i'm sitting on my bed wearing pajama pants bought at costco and a hanes comfort-soft wife beater, LOL*
**the last pic on this post has inspired me to (possibly) start another weekly post... you'll see it next week!** 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i'm stealing this from a friends blog (thanks kellee!). i love music, and i have a really eclectic assortment of music, so i thought this would be fun/interesting. if you have a blog, feel free to steal it from me kellee, and do your own! 

(1) Turn on your MP3 player or music player on your computer. 

(2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.

(3) Write down the first 15 songs that come up--song title and artist--NO editing/cheating, please. 

Here are mine... (this could be a little embarrassing! but i promise not to cheat. i'll write what comes up on my itunes)

1. one headlight - THE WALLFLOWERS
2. amie - DAMIEN RICE (hmm, i've never listened to this, but it sounds nice. must be something that came from hubby's itunes)
3. one - U2
4. uncovered me - HENRY HANEY (haa, that's funny)
5. hit 'em up - 2PAC (so what?! don't judge! haaa)
6. spoonman - SOUNDGARDEN
7. i can't hate you anymore - NICK LACHEY (ok, now we're getting to the embarrassing ones)
8. embryo - PINK FLOYD
9. since i've been loving you - LED ZEPPELIN
10. are you in? - INCUBUS (loooooooooove incubus)
11. learning how to die - JON FOREMAN (he's the singer from SWITCHFOOT)
12. can't buy me love - THE BEATLES
13. edge of the earth - 30 SECONDS TO MARS (*sigh*)
14. 14 years - GUNS N' ROSES
15. black - PEARL JAM
16. learn you inside out - LIFEHOUSE
17. nutshell - ALICE IN CHAINS (wow, haven't heard this in a long time. still love it)
18. man on the moon - R.E.M.
19. hit me with your best shot - PAT BENATAR (don't laugh! put it on, it's impossible not to sing along)
20. just what i needed - THE CARS

ok, so i might've cheated a bit. i had 3 songs from 30 SECONDS TO MARS, and 3 PEARL JAM songs come up. i couldn't fill the whole list with them, so i just skipped them. i was enjoying shuffling through my itunes so much that i had to do 20 songs instead of 15.

i guess the list wasn't too bad. it looks like i mostly listen to rock stuff... which is true. some other artists in my itunes: snoop dogg, billy joel, simple minds, jack johnson, the cure, sigur ros, avril lavigne, the used, cb7, rob thomas, eazy-e, bon jovi, james blunt, michael jackson, bob marley, usher and tons and tons more. i like music!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

bacon style strips...

"bacon style strips"???? ewww, right?! don't be so quick to judge!
from out of nowhere i've been craving breakfast burritos (i'm a super picky eater so a breakfast burrito for me consists of organic egg whites, a tiny bit of cheese and bacon rolled in a low-carb tortilla). i haven't had real pork bacon in years and years. i switched to turkey bacon awhile ago, but haven't had that in 5 years. i really liked jennie-o extra lean turkey bacon, but about 5 years ago they ruined improved their recipe and i HATED the new taste. i was at henry's market yesterday and saw the vegetarian "bacon style strips" in the refrigerated section and figured 'what the hell, i'll give 'em a try'. i bought them and on the drive home i was thinking 'why did i buy those? they're gonna be disgusting. i know they're gonna expire before i get the guts to actually try them'. well, today my breakfast burrito craving popped up again. i tried to find something else in the house to eat, but i REALLY wanted a breakfast burrito. wow, am i really considering eating those weird looking bacon strips?! yep. there are 2 ways to cook them, in a skillet or in the toaster oven. i chose the toaster oven option. i like my 'bacon' really, super crispy (like if you were to flick it, it would crumble into a bunch of tiny pieces). the directions say to bake them for 5 minutes. after 5 minutes they were still really flimsy, and raw looking. when i opened the toaster oven there was a familiar smell.... omg, this 'bacon' smells exactly like bbq rawhide chews for dogs! not kidding, unfortunately. so after seeing the look of the 'bacon' combined with the smell of the 'bacon', i was starting to regret paying $5 for this box of ground up dog food garbage. i kept them cooking until they looked crispy-ish (twice as long as the package directions). when they looked done enough for me, i took them out, hesitantly tried a small bite, and was surprised that they weren't as horrible as i expected. if you are going from regular pork bacon to these, you probably won't like them. they don't taste anything like bacon. but.... if you put them in a breakfast burrito, they are actually good! they add some flavor, but mostly just the crunch that i was looking for in my burrito. i can't believe it, but i might buy these "bacon style strips" again.... who would've thought?!?!
ps. they don't look like the picture on the box. mine came out completely flat, not rippled.

Friday, January 14, 2011

crush of the week....

i'm gonna warn you now, this post will contain a lot of pics. i apologize, i can't help it!

to call him my 'crush of the week' would be greatly downplaying my adoration for him. after seeing him in concert this week, it's only appropriate that he's my crush of the week lifetime.

this weeks crush is jared leto! actor, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist musician, artist, photographer, director, (what can't he do?!), hottie. jared is the frontman of the band 30 Seconds to Mars (read my last post HERE). he has been in a number of films, including 'requiem for a dream', 'fight club', 'american psycho', and others. if you are around my age, you will probably remember him most from being hottie jordan catalano on the 90's tv show 'my so-called life'. i liked him back then and i still like him today. *start nauseating sequence of pics now*
i like him acting...

i like him singing...

i like him with long hair...

i like him with pink hair...

i like him with blue hair...

i like him in a hat...

i like him in a skirt...

i like him pretty... 

i like him geeky...

i like him looking like zac efron...

i like him looking like kurt cobain...

i like him pouting...

i really like him smiling...

i like him in 1994...

i like him now...

i like him. I. LIKE. HIM. A. LOT!!!! *sighs* so what?! get over it. mind your own business ;)
who is your crush of the week lifetime? do you have one?