Tuesday, January 25, 2011

scoring extra points...

i might start a new weekly post...inspired by a pic in my last 'crush of the week' post (see it HERE). can you guess which pic, and what the topic would be?! you know how much i like cute boys AND you know that i'm a huge animal lover.... so what's better than cute boys that love their dogs (or any dogs... doesn't have to be their own dog)?! seriously guys, you can score extra points with most girls if you're an animal lover. so here's a couple of dudes with their dogs :)

paul walker (from 'varsity blues', 'the fast and the furious' movie series, etc)
 and his dog, boone

kellan lutz (from the 'twilight' series)
and his dog, kola

kellan (and kola) have done ads for peta encouraging people to 'adopt, not buy'. kellan adopted kola from a los angeles shelter. thank you kellan! extra points dude, extra points ;)


  1. I always forget about Paul Walker. He's definitely on my "list". Smokin' hot!

  2. Oh good lord... hottie overload!!!! Davey has done a few Peta ads too and is a Vegan... Which I am not but would probably give up air for him! =)