Saturday, January 15, 2011

bacon style strips...

"bacon style strips"???? ewww, right?! don't be so quick to judge!
from out of nowhere i've been craving breakfast burritos (i'm a super picky eater so a breakfast burrito for me consists of organic egg whites, a tiny bit of cheese and bacon rolled in a low-carb tortilla). i haven't had real pork bacon in years and years. i switched to turkey bacon awhile ago, but haven't had that in 5 years. i really liked jennie-o extra lean turkey bacon, but about 5 years ago they ruined improved their recipe and i HATED the new taste. i was at henry's market yesterday and saw the vegetarian "bacon style strips" in the refrigerated section and figured 'what the hell, i'll give 'em a try'. i bought them and on the drive home i was thinking 'why did i buy those? they're gonna be disgusting. i know they're gonna expire before i get the guts to actually try them'. well, today my breakfast burrito craving popped up again. i tried to find something else in the house to eat, but i REALLY wanted a breakfast burrito. wow, am i really considering eating those weird looking bacon strips?! yep. there are 2 ways to cook them, in a skillet or in the toaster oven. i chose the toaster oven option. i like my 'bacon' really, super crispy (like if you were to flick it, it would crumble into a bunch of tiny pieces). the directions say to bake them for 5 minutes. after 5 minutes they were still really flimsy, and raw looking. when i opened the toaster oven there was a familiar smell.... omg, this 'bacon' smells exactly like bbq rawhide chews for dogs! not kidding, unfortunately. so after seeing the look of the 'bacon' combined with the smell of the 'bacon', i was starting to regret paying $5 for this box of ground up dog food garbage. i kept them cooking until they looked crispy-ish (twice as long as the package directions). when they looked done enough for me, i took them out, hesitantly tried a small bite, and was surprised that they weren't as horrible as i expected. if you are going from regular pork bacon to these, you probably won't like them. they don't taste anything like bacon. but.... if you put them in a breakfast burrito, they are actually good! they add some flavor, but mostly just the crunch that i was looking for in my burrito. i can't believe it, but i might buy these "bacon style strips" again.... who would've thought?!?!
ps. they don't look like the picture on the box. mine came out completely flat, not rippled.

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  1. Oooh, I might have to try those! I just recently started eating eggs again and I can't get enough...