Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i'm stealing this from a friends blog (thanks kellee!). i love music, and i have a really eclectic assortment of music, so i thought this would be fun/interesting. if you have a blog, feel free to steal it from me kellee, and do your own! 

(1) Turn on your MP3 player or music player on your computer. 

(2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.

(3) Write down the first 15 songs that come up--song title and artist--NO editing/cheating, please. 

Here are mine... (this could be a little embarrassing! but i promise not to cheat. i'll write what comes up on my itunes)

1. one headlight - THE WALLFLOWERS
2. amie - DAMIEN RICE (hmm, i've never listened to this, but it sounds nice. must be something that came from hubby's itunes)
3. one - U2
4. uncovered me - HENRY HANEY (haa, that's funny)
5. hit 'em up - 2PAC (so what?! don't judge! haaa)
6. spoonman - SOUNDGARDEN
7. i can't hate you anymore - NICK LACHEY (ok, now we're getting to the embarrassing ones)
8. embryo - PINK FLOYD
9. since i've been loving you - LED ZEPPELIN
10. are you in? - INCUBUS (loooooooooove incubus)
11. learning how to die - JON FOREMAN (he's the singer from SWITCHFOOT)
12. can't buy me love - THE BEATLES
13. edge of the earth - 30 SECONDS TO MARS (*sigh*)
14. 14 years - GUNS N' ROSES
15. black - PEARL JAM
16. learn you inside out - LIFEHOUSE
17. nutshell - ALICE IN CHAINS (wow, haven't heard this in a long time. still love it)
18. man on the moon - R.E.M.
19. hit me with your best shot - PAT BENATAR (don't laugh! put it on, it's impossible not to sing along)
20. just what i needed - THE CARS

ok, so i might've cheated a bit. i had 3 songs from 30 SECONDS TO MARS, and 3 PEARL JAM songs come up. i couldn't fill the whole list with them, so i just skipped them. i was enjoying shuffling through my itunes so much that i had to do 20 songs instead of 15.

i guess the list wasn't too bad. it looks like i mostly listen to rock stuff... which is true. some other artists in my itunes: snoop dogg, billy joel, simple minds, jack johnson, the cure, sigur ros, avril lavigne, the used, cb7, rob thomas, eazy-e, bon jovi, james blunt, michael jackson, bob marley, usher and tons and tons more. i like music!

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  1. nutshell by AIC is one of my all time favorite songs!!!!!