Friday, January 21, 2011

crush of the week...

this crush is kinda random (they can't all be the obvious rockstar crush, right?!)

this weeks crush is marc jacobs! fashion designer, creative genius, super rich, kinda hottie. i'm sure you've allllll heard his name before. maybe you even own some of his designs. he is the face & name behind... yep, marc jacobs (the brand). but... maybe you didn't know that since 1997 he has also been the creative director for louis vuitton! don't you wish he was your bff and you could call him and say "if, by any chance, you have some 'samples' that you're getting rid of... send 'em my way!" - of course i mean 'sample' handbags, sunglasses and accessories, lord knows i'd NEVER fit in sample size clothing!

love the black, head to toe!

not a bad bod for 47, huh?!

not only do i LOVE that he stopped to pet a dog tied to a NYC bench... but it's gotta make you smile seeing him wear a leather jacket, pleated skirt and carrying 1 of his many birkin bags! he's a fashion designer and he's rich, he can wear whatever he wants!

*it's kinda funny that i'm writing about marc jacobs & hermes birkin bags while i'm sitting on my bed wearing pajama pants bought at costco and a hanes comfort-soft wife beater, LOL*
**the last pic on this post has inspired me to (possibly) start another weekly post... you'll see it next week!** 


  1. He is super adorable!!!! I wanna put him in my LV purse that I don't have!!!! =)

  2. I didn't know you had a blog - I love it!!!!!