Sunday, January 23, 2011

always in stock...

remember going to friends houses after school? the first thing you'd do was go to the fridge or cupboard and look for snacks. each house had their own things that they ALWAYS had, every time you'd go over there. maybe they were the lucky family that ALWAYS had frozen waffles in the freezer. or maybe it was the huge costco size box of twix bars. or maybe it was goldfish crackers or fruit roll-ups... whatever it was, you knew no matter what, they would always have them available. well, here at my house, we have our 'always in stock' foods too... but they're nowhere near as exciting as twix and goldfish crackers! if you come to our house, i can GUARANTEE that we will ALWAYS have these delicious, but not as exciting foods:
laura scudder's all natural smooth peanut butter
(i usually have back-up jars of this too. i'm obsessed with this pb!!)

milton's whole grain bread
(we don't eat any other type of bread. i love it)

bananas. always.

chocolate almond raisin zone bars
(they're yummy. and they're the perfect thing to keep in your handbag and/or car)

it's probably a good thing we don't have kids. can you imagine how boring their friends would think we are?! their friends would never want to come over after school.... unless they could drive through taco bell first. in my defense.... i LOVE all of these things, and this isn't the worst house i've been to. i once went to a house that ONLY had vegetables... literally, ONLY VEGETABLES! they had a fish bowl on the kitchen counter with a goldfish in it, and a piece of lettuce floating in the top of the fish bowl. even the fish wasn't allowed to have 'normal' food. that's not a joke, that's a true story! 


  1. hahaha... i love that peanut butter too but i hate mixing it!!! we grew up on it though and i can't really get myself to buy anything else!!! we also always have bananas...

  2. We always had the box of Twix!! Now at my house you can find chips. In my fridge I think there's really only brussels sprouts and a couple of bottles of champagne. Ha!