Sunday, January 30, 2011

dress up time...

remember when i said that 30 seconds to mars puts on amazing live shows that are super fun?! (i mentioned it in an older blog post HERE). well, for a handful of tour dates they set up 'theme nights'. i came across some newer pics this morning and thought i'd share a few.

here are a couple of pics from "doctor/medical" night-
atlanta - jan. 2011
dr. jared in his scrubs, lab coat, rubber gloves and face mask
(i AM still a bit sick. does anyone have this dr's number?)

dr. tomo (dark blue scrubs), dr. jared (light blue scrubs & lab coat) and 
dr. matt (touring bassist - red scrubs)

here are some pics from "preppy/yuppie" night-
denver - jan. 2011
yuppie jared (i think it's adorable!)

yuppie tomo

yuppie jared running around with a tennis racket - so 'hamptons-ish' :)

it's not just the band that dresses up, they encourage the audience to dress up as well. they send out messages on facebook, twitter, radio interviews etc announcing the themes.

"neon war paint" night
somewhere in europe 2010

fun, huh?!?! they've also done army/camo night, bloodball night (which is fun around halloween. people dress up like they're going to a ball, and mars sets up a 'blood booth' where you can get fake blood painted on you), kings & queens night, and so many more.... even a field & stream night. i'm serious. it was years ago, i wasn't there, but the pics were hilarious. they even had a tent onstage. unfortunately none of the shows that i've been to have been theme nights, but if i get the chance to go to one, I WILL! who doesn't love to dress up for a night?!?

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  1. that is so fun!!!! i am all about neon paint night!!! so awesome!