Friday, May 27, 2011

crush of the week...

wow, hang on a minute, i need to dust this blog off! 
yeah, i haven't posted anything in a week. it's been an eventful week in our house. let's move on and get to the crush of the week.

this weeks crush is johannes huebl! model, german, hottie. yeah, i know you don't know who he is. i don't  either. i recently discovered him on GQ's 'most stylish men of the week' list (which i later found out he's been on a few times). he definitely knows fashion, and doesn't seem to go out in a ripped shirt, converse and jeans EVER! all the pics i've found online are of him trotting through the streets of new york or cannes wearing clothing straight from the runway. it looks good, but i tend to like dudes that aren't afraid to be grungy at times. anyway, i thought he was cute, so that's how he wound up here.

purdy eyes
oh hi
i LOVE this!
just hanging out on the beach in france, but he makes it look like a photo shoot.
this is how he dresses to go shopping. c'mon!
another "casual" runway show shopping day
LOVE the hair, LOVE the glasses... & omg purple socks!

he's cute, huh?!
thank you GQ for introducing us :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

crush of the week...

do you have any crushes that you know your friends won't understand? i have quite a few. i'm not embarrassed about them, so i'm sure you'll see them on here in the future. this might be one:

this weeks crush is anderson cooper! journalist, author, "silver fox" hottie. yes, i have a crush on him, but it's not the same kind of crush i have on mr. leto or brandon boyd. i don't know how to describe this crush. hmm, let me try... he makes me smile, he makes me giggle, i think he has pretty eyes, i like his laugh, and i just want to hang out with him. ok, so all of that could be said about mr. leto and mr. boyd, but i want to hang out with anderson with our clothes on. ya know?! anyway, i love that anderson can be super serious on cnn and talk about the chaos in libya, but he also goes on regis & kelly and talks about how much he LOVES to watch 'the real housewives' series. waddya know, i LOVE the real housewives also! see, we could totally hang out. have you ever heard him laugh? it's adorable.
he rescues bloody haitian children...
he rescues starving dogs after hurricane katrina...
and he plays with elephants.
i love this photo!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dudes and dogs...

dudes and dogs:
boxer edition

luke perry

justin timberlake with buckley and brennan
(and a pit-mix whose name i don't know)
look at the cute babies!!!!

looking at these pics makes me think of the punk'd episode with justin timberlake. did you see it? remember when the punk'd guys are telling jt that they're seizing all of his property for back taxes owed?! and jt starts crying and says "you took my dogs???????". poor guy, lol!

Monday, May 16, 2011


in april i told you how much i love big cats. you know what else i love?!?!


arctic fox
this guy is my favorite.
fennec fox
baby fennec. have u ever seen anything cuter?!

aren't they awesome?

Friday, May 13, 2011

crush of the week...

i feel kinda weird about this blog post. yeah, i think he's cute, but since he's 5 years younger than me, i feel like i'm crushing on a kid, or 'high school musical' guy. anyway, i have no excuses, i think he's cute... so i guess he'd be considered a crush of the week.

this weeks crush is chace crawford! actor, _______, ________, hottie. look i'll be honest, i don't know anything about him. i've never seen any of his shows or movies. i know he's on a show called gossip girl, but i can't tell you what the show's about, when it's on, or even if it's still on. all i know is that when i've seen him in interviews, or on magazines, or on tmz, i've always thought that he was cute.
(i tried to find the most 'grown-up' looking pics of him, so i don't feel like such a predator. hahaha)
love this.

and a new little portion of 'crush of the week':
when crushes collide! ;)
nacho figueras and chace crawford at a polo match
jared leto and chace crawford
front row at the calvin klein fashion show