Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend joys...

happy monday!
i felt like posting something today, but didn't know what. so i figured i'd show you some of the things that i loved from this past weekend.

the royal wedding!
yes, so many people thought it was overrated & ridiculous. i on the other hand, loved every second of it! i couldn't get enough! i loved when prince william saw kate for the first time and if you read his lips you could see he said "you look beautiful". awww, so sweet.
they look so happy :)
i loved the dress. i loved the tiara...
i loved the kiss. i loved it all!
did you see david beckham there! yowza!

on saturday, hubs and i had a mini pizza party. just the 2 of us. we don't eat pizza often, and i NEVER drink soda... but we ordered pizza and had root beers. it was DELICIOUS! i loved it!

i also found some fun pics online from a 30 seconds to mars show this weekend in jersey. they had another theme night. neon night. jared does not mess around when it comes to theme nights... he goes all out. i love it!
i love them.
homemade glow-stick medallion necklace.
neon orange nail polish. glow-sticks taped to his knees.
how can you not love him?!
shannon even had neon drum sticks
(this doesn't go with the neon night pics. but i had to post it. a week or 2 ago they played a show with a 'military/camo' night. you would think they'd wear something comfy & easy to play in... like camo cargo pants, etc. nope. this is what tomo wore... the entire show. how do you play guitar in this?!)
sniper ghillie suit. that's dedication!

and lastly, we got a new tv (and we also rearranged the living room). we got to get rid of the old, bulky tv that was in our bedroom, and move the existing living room tv to the bedroom. so it kinda feels like we got 2 new tv's, haha. i love it!
i don't have a pic of our new tv. but here is
another happy couple picking out their new tv.

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  1. #1 i love that you guys had mini pizza night. how cute are you guys????

    #2 i love love love neon!!!! like love neon!

    #3 the last pic cracked me up!