Thursday, May 5, 2011

i'm obsessed....

inspired by the neon pics from monday's blog post... i went to rite-aid and bought the most obnoxious, brightest, neon pink nail polish i could find. there were a few to choose from, but i didn't want to spend more than a few dollars on something that i was sure i was gonna use once, then hate. i found a bottle for $2, and it happened to be the brightest of all the pinks there. i came home, gave myself a mani/pedi and applied the first coat of blindingly bright pink. "HOLY COW" i thought... this is ridiculous! i let it dry, then applied the second coat to smooth things out. wow, 2 coats is even more intense than one. my eyes were starting to hurt, like i'd been at the beach, staring at the sun for an hour, without sunglasses. i decided to wear it around the house for awhile to get used to it. i walked downstairs, and stared at my feet every step of the way. not only was the nail polish neon, it was somehow magnetic also. i literally couldn't stop looking at my fingers and toes. after about 20 minutes of having my eyes glued to my hands and feet, mesmerized at every movement they made... i became obsessed. i LOOOOOOOOOVED what i was seeing! everything you do looks better when you have neon pink nails.... EVERYTHING! i stared at my fingers while i was cooking, i stared (in the mirror) at my hands when i was washing my face and brushing my teeth. i stared at my hands while typing on the computer, while grabbing my fork when eating, while petting my cat, while grabbing toilet paper when i was going to the bathroom... i couldn't stop. now about 24 hours later, i'm still in love. 
i am obsessed with my neon pink nails.

i wanted to share a picture, but none of the pics i took showed the exact neon-ness of the actual color. the pics just aren't bright enough. oh well. that pic was as good as i could get.... just imagine the pink way more intense. it looks so mild and a nice soft pink in the pic... don't be fooled. my nails will blind you.

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