Friday, May 6, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is curtis stone! chef, tv personality, surfer, aussie hottie. i'd like to think that i 'discovered' curtis, and therefore i have dibs on him. sometime around 2005 i was flipping through the channels and saw a hot guy with an australian accent cooking. of course i stopped on the channel and watched for awhile. i was soon hooked. the show was called 'take home chef' and the hot aussie was curtis stone. i started watching the show almost every time it was on. i loved it... mostly because i thought curtis was so cute and charming (and i also love to cook... but if it were any other chef, i wouldn't have been so interested). years later i was talking to my sister and mentioned curtis, she didn't know who he was, so i 'introduced' him to her, and she fell in love too. she said "why didn't you tell me about him sooner?!?! what other hotties are you hoarding for yourself???" haha. now everybody has jumped on the curtis bandwagon. he's been on 'celebrity apprentice', he's been on oprah several times, he's been on all the morning shows,  he's been a chef on 'the biggest loser', and now he hosts 2 shows called 'top chef masters' and 'americas next great restaurant'. i'm glad he's becoming more known and more successful... but now my chances with him have greatly diminished. bummer. (hahahaha)
you kinda want him to do your dishes, huh?!
6feet 4inches of aussie hotness.
a suit and cons. i love it.
this is from a GQ photo shoot. i kinda love it.

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