Sunday, July 31, 2011

wild beasts...

in april i told you how much i love big cats, then in may i told you about my love for foxes... well, i'm back with another group of animals that i LOOOOVE!

i think they're so amazing, so beautiful, so mysterious.

aren't they stunning creatures????
i can't really think of the right word to describe what i think of them... regal, fierce, majestic, powerful, hypnotic, stunning, badass. yep, that's the word i'll use. wolves are freakin' BADASS!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

dude... bro....

don't mind me... i'm just practicing some new words so i can fit in with the peeps in my new hood. yep, we moved! we are now living in the land of lifted trucks, lowered cars, dude-bros, girls wearing 'fox racing' tanks... the land where there are 83 stop lights on a 3 mile stretch of road, where it's a bit uncomfortable to sleep at night cause it still feels 90ยบ outside. welcome to temecula! 
the decision to move happened so quick, that i didn't really tell anyone. we got a great opportunity to rent a super cute townhouse that our friend owns, we decided to take him up on his offer, and 10 days later, here were are! the day after we put in our 30 day notice at our old place, the landlord called and said "you guys don't have to wait the 30 days if you don't want... you can leave whenever you want!". so i started packing that day... and i haven't stopped packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning, unpacking, since then. it's been madness. i'm exhausted, and covered in bruises. last night was the 1st night i slept at our new house :) hubs had slept here a few nights, but i was dogsitting so wasn't able to come home. it's always strange sleeping in a new place for the 1st time. after you've lived somewhere a few years you get used to the sounds, smells and schedule of your neighborhood. sleeping somewhere new, you wake up to all kinds of new sounds. this morning i woke up (at 6:20am) to a coyote yapping outside (non-stop for 40 minutes), the neighbors garage opening, a lady whistling for her dogs in the field behind our house, anddddd a pigeon. henry said he heard the pigeon the morning before last also... i have a feeling he's gonna be our new 'friend'. he was loudly flapping his wings outside our window and doing that very distinct pigeon call. so far, i love it :)
it'll be a looong time before we're completely settled in. we have soooo much stuff in boxes in the garage still...
not a screen-cap from an episode of Hoarders
... and being the lazy exhausted girl that i am, rather than bringing the boxes upstairs, i just go out there and grab what i need out of the box :) hehe at this rate, we'll never be unpacked. lucky for me (and henry) i have a good memory and can tell him which box things are in! this morning he said "do you know where my shaving cream is?". i said "what did you pack it with?". he said "uhhh, i dunno. i think some hairspray and stuff like that." i said "ah yes, right over there on top of the blue box!". and i was right! :) it's kinda like playing that card game 'old maid'. you have to remember what things are where, and what they were next to, hahaha. 
we're not just living out of boxes in the garage... they're in the house too. i wish i could snap (like in mary poppins) and everything would be put away in it's proper place.

dobsie is LOVING his new house. he thinks the entire house is his. he's nice enough to let us stay here... as long as we feed him on time.
lounging on HIS new stairs.
checking out HIS new deck. keeping an eye on the neighb's.

we're loving it here! once things are put away, i'll post some more/better pics. these pics were all taken with my phone cause i couldn't find the camera cord. haha. i'm sure it's somewhere here... in a box... somewhere ;)

the only negative thing about living in temec, so far, is this:
yep, in-n-out is right down the road. this is gonna be dangerous! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

dudes and dogs...

curtis stone

edward norton

ryan seacrest
i loooooove great danes!

and finally, 
alex pettyfer
i found this picture online and thought "wow, he's kinda cute!!!".
before you agree and start thinking un-pure thoughts, read on...
i found his name, had no clue who he was, did some research, 
and was shocked/saddened to find out he was born in 1990!
yep, 1990! as in, when i was already 10 years old, 1990. ouch. haha

Sunday, July 17, 2011

anyone still here?...

i don't even know if i have any followers left. i'm not doing so well with the whole blog thing lately. sorry. i keep thinking "hmm, maybe i'll post a recipe or something tomorrow", and i never end up doing it. i still don't know what to talk about tonight... so when all else fails, it's best to post pics of hot guys, right?! you know who i haven't talked about in awhile... yep, him. :) 
hmmmm, what's jared been up to lately??

he's been: 

bonjour beau
hanging out in paris...

playing guitar in my bed in a paris hotel room...

geeking out with the band (while looking 22 years old. vampire.)...

trying to disguise himself at the airport...

you can try to hide all you want. the girls will still find you.
trying harder to disguise himself at the airport...

geeking out at restaurants...

love his shirt.
eating popcorn...

busy being all good looking in hats...

monkeying around...

getting 2 new tattoos in the middle of the night...

i like 'em.
showing off the new tattoos...

hypnotizing people with his eyeballs...

shooting commercials for hugo boss...

he titled this 1 "million dolla smile" on his website. dork.
geeking out (again!) at the airport...

i die. *thud*
and singing all over the world.

so basically he's been killin' people with his hotness and finding some time to geek out in between killings. 

i never get sick of looking at him. fo realz.

i'll try to post something else... before next sunday. haha. it's gonna be a busy week, but i PROMISE i'll get on here and post something. promise. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

moving on...

it's been a week since my last post. i'm still broken hearted, but slowly moving on. (my goal is to NOT cry while typing this! haha). it was a really tough week. the first few days without poontz were soooo tough. the house seemed so quiet and boring. yes, we still have our other cat, dobsie, but it still seemed empty in here. i cried, hysterically at some points, for 4 days straight. on the 5th day i only cried a bit, and it's gotten better every day since. on days 3 and 4 i was telling henry "i'm never gonna get over this! i think i'll still be crying 5 years from now". i'm glad we've had each other this week. we've cried together, we've been angry together, we've comforted each other, and now we're healing together. i still don't think i'll ever get over losing our boy, but now i'm hopeful that at least i won't be crying (i say that as i'm tearing up right now! haha here we go again...). dobsie is settling into his role as an only child. he obviously misses his brother, and is confused, but he's soaking up all the extra attention he's getting!!! fyi, he's sitting on the couch next to me right now... totally chowing down on his butthole. nice, dobsie, really nice. i've had lots of people asking me if we'll get another cat. i dunno right now (especially after sharing a couch with a butt munching monster). i will never, ever live without at least 1 pet, but i don't think we'll get a cat anytime soon... not this week anyway ;)
hmmm, what else....
as i'm sure you've heard by now... the casey anthony verdict is in. i'm not gonna get into that, cause i'm soooooooooooooooooooooo angry about it. all i'll say is that i watched that trial every day, i was obsessed with it. after every thing i heard from every person on the stand, i CANNOT believe that girl got away with it!!! ridiculous! now her jailhouse letters are being released and she mentions wanting to have more kids, and possibly adopting. good luck! i don't know what kind of adoption agency is gonna trust you with another baby. sickening.
k, last thing....
the new incubus album comes out on tuesday! it's called 'if not now, when?'. it's gonna be soooo good! i can't wait! the whole album has been leaked, but being the dedicated fan that i am, i haven't illegally listened to it. i've only heard the songs they've released (and played live on an online streaming concert). i've heard 4 songs, and i love them all. it's much more 'chill' than past incubus records. if you listen to the radio often you may have already heard 'adolescents' and 'promises, promises'. i've watched some recent live videos and brandon sounds better than ever. if you're looking for some new music you should REALLY go pick the album up on tuesday. here's my new favorite song:

not just a great song, i think it's a super cool video too! 
i love it. all of it.
see the doberman in the video? wanna hear a story about her?
her name is ginger and she belongs to chris kilmore (the dj in incubus). when henry and i saw incubus in san diego (july 2009) we had vip tix... no, not backstage vip tix, but the "vip" tix that cricket amphitheatre offers you. (hmm, i feel like i might've told this story on this blog before. i'm having deja vu. if so, skip this story, sorry). anyway, with our 'vip' tix we were allowed to go to an outdoor lounge area with a bar and refreshments, etc. our vip lounge area was right next to the REAL vip backstage area (only separated by a fence), where the bands buses park & the band hangs out. nobody in our lounge area noticed that... except me. i was looking through the fence and said "henry, that's kilmore right there! with the dog". he said "are you sure?", then he looked and said "haha yep, you're right!". we kinda stared for awhile, luckily he didn't see us. right then 2 drunk guys in our lounge area came over to our fence and said something along the lines of "HOLY SH*T!!! IT'S KILMORE RIGHT THERE!!!! NO WAY DUDE. HOLY SH*T!"...then, like an idiot, one of 'em screams "HEYYYY KILMOOOOOOOORE!!! WHAT UP DUDE?!" i quickly shushed the 2 guys and said "don't make a big scene, you're gonna get everyone rushing over here. be quiet!". kilmore (and ginger) turned, saw us (and the 2 drunk idiots) and ran up to the fence to say hi. the drunks were frantically looking for a pen to have him sign their ticket stubs. "sh*t, we don't have a pen. bro, what the f*ck are we gonna do. sh*t go ask someone quick! hold my beer." i kindly offered my favorite (at the time) pen right as kilmore got to the fence. the drunks got their tix signed and kissed kilmore's a$$ for a bit. i (unlike any other fan in the world) didn't get an autograph, didn't kiss his butt, didn't say "omg, hook me up with brandon boyd!", didn't say "ahhhh, you're like totally my favorite band in pretty much the entire world!". i barely said hi and i immediately crouched down to hang out with/chat with ginger... yep, the dog! a member of 1 of my top 2 fave bands is inches in front of me, and i ignore him to love on his dog. what's wrong with me?! haha kilmore (and ginger) were both very sweet. it was super nice of them to come say hi to us. he thanked us for coming to the show told us he hoped we'd have a good time and walked away. the drunks were stoked with their autographs and walked away. about 10 minutes later they walked back up to henry and i, and 1 of them said "here's your pen back. thank you sooooooooo much". they had now redeemed themselves. i thought it was very nice of them to make a point to return my pen AND thank me. do i need to apologize for calling them drunk idiots on here?! nahhhh. :) i still have that pen, it's now called my 'kilmore pen' ;) haha by the way, the concert was amazing!!!!! 
wow, it's 11pm. i better get in bed.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

broken hearted...

no words. just pictures.
i miss him so much already.
our "special" mr. poontz.

first day home. 2002

bath time


freckle nose

the last pic i took of him. 3 days ago.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

crush of the week...

(yeah, i know it's saturday. so what.)

this weeks crush is matt bomer! this is still a developing crush. i don't know much about matt, i've only seen him in a few interviews. this isn't a full blown crush... yet... but he has pretty eyes, a nice smile and seems super sweet, so i'm starting to crush the more i see him. i saw him on regis & kelly a while ago and kelly has a full blown crush on him. it was cute.

i like him in glasses :)
ok, NOW it's a full blown crush!