Tuesday, July 26, 2011

dude... bro....

don't mind me... i'm just practicing some new words so i can fit in with the peeps in my new hood. yep, we moved! we are now living in the land of lifted trucks, lowered cars, dude-bros, girls wearing 'fox racing' tanks... the land where there are 83 stop lights on a 3 mile stretch of road, where it's a bit uncomfortable to sleep at night cause it still feels 90ยบ outside. welcome to temecula! 
the decision to move happened so quick, that i didn't really tell anyone. we got a great opportunity to rent a super cute townhouse that our friend owns, we decided to take him up on his offer, and 10 days later, here were are! the day after we put in our 30 day notice at our old place, the landlord called and said "you guys don't have to wait the 30 days if you don't want... you can leave whenever you want!". so i started packing that day... and i haven't stopped packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning, unpacking, since then. it's been madness. i'm exhausted, and covered in bruises. last night was the 1st night i slept at our new house :) hubs had slept here a few nights, but i was dogsitting so wasn't able to come home. it's always strange sleeping in a new place for the 1st time. after you've lived somewhere a few years you get used to the sounds, smells and schedule of your neighborhood. sleeping somewhere new, you wake up to all kinds of new sounds. this morning i woke up (at 6:20am) to a coyote yapping outside (non-stop for 40 minutes), the neighbors garage opening, a lady whistling for her dogs in the field behind our house, anddddd a pigeon. henry said he heard the pigeon the morning before last also... i have a feeling he's gonna be our new 'friend'. he was loudly flapping his wings outside our window and doing that very distinct pigeon call. so far, i love it :)
it'll be a looong time before we're completely settled in. we have soooo much stuff in boxes in the garage still...
not a screen-cap from an episode of Hoarders
... and being the lazy exhausted girl that i am, rather than bringing the boxes upstairs, i just go out there and grab what i need out of the box :) hehe at this rate, we'll never be unpacked. lucky for me (and henry) i have a good memory and can tell him which box things are in! this morning he said "do you know where my shaving cream is?". i said "what did you pack it with?". he said "uhhh, i dunno. i think some hairspray and stuff like that." i said "ah yes, right over there on top of the blue box!". and i was right! :) it's kinda like playing that card game 'old maid'. you have to remember what things are where, and what they were next to, hahaha. 
we're not just living out of boxes in the garage... they're in the house too. i wish i could snap (like in mary poppins) and everything would be put away in it's proper place.

dobsie is LOVING his new house. he thinks the entire house is his. he's nice enough to let us stay here... as long as we feed him on time.
lounging on HIS new stairs.
checking out HIS new deck. keeping an eye on the neighb's.

we're loving it here! once things are put away, i'll post some more/better pics. these pics were all taken with my phone cause i couldn't find the camera cord. haha. i'm sure it's somewhere here... in a box... somewhere ;)

the only negative thing about living in temec, so far, is this:
yep, in-n-out is right down the road. this is gonna be dangerous!