Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dudes and dogs...

jason lewis
i found a ton of pics of jason with his dogs. he has 2 rhodesian ridgebacks (knuckles & beqa) and a chihuahua (milo?). in an interview he said "they're my babies and i love the hell out of them". awww.

jimmy fallon

Sunday, June 26, 2011

fauxtography - part 1...

as it says in my biography on here, i'm a 'fauxtographer'. i love that word :) obviously i'm not a professional photographer, but i still take a TON of pics. i don't leave the house without my camera. seriously! i've had my current point & shoot camera since 2007, and even now i'm finding new features on it. haha i've been messing with some of the settings lately, and now i want to take pics of everything. i would REALLY LOVE to get a nice camera (some kind of dslr) but for now, i'm gonna have to stick with my old canon powershot. i love to take pics of stuff outdoors (plants, flowers, buildings, clouds, sunsets, etc) but i also loooove to take pics of animals. here's some that i pulled out of my iPhoto. (you'll notice i LOVE black and white photos)
cross-eyed kid
chloe - i love this pic sooo much
love this

the next set of pics were taken last night. i was laying on the couch with 'miss berni' and the sun was shining on 1 section of her face. she has such a beautiful face & the lighting was perfect, i had to grab my camera! she's a great model and sits perfectly still. i think i love these pics more than any other animal pics i've taken. 
the next 2 are the same, but i couldn't decide whether i liked the color or b&w better, so i put both in :)
pup nose

Friday, June 24, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is gerard pique! footballer (soccer), 6 foot 4 inch, barcelona hottie. i recently saw a pic of him on tv and thought "hmmm, he could be cute enough to be a crush of the week". i had to do some research cause i don't watch football (soccer) so i didn't know who he was. do you know him? anyways, he's cute, that's all that's important for this blog. haha

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

dudes and dogs...

chris o'dowd 
i love him. you'll probably recognize him from bridesmaids (which i haven't seen yet), but i know him from the british show 'the IT crowd'. i think he's hilarious!!! he has a rescue jack russell, named potato, haha, but here he is with another cute little pup.

jackson rathbone
jackson rathbone had a farm, e-i-e-i-o.
and on that farm he had a goat, e-i-e-i-o....
...and a tiger...
...and a horse...
...and an elephant...
...and an otter...
cute smile
believe it or not, i also found pics of him with a bird, a dolphin, a sloth, and 100 monkeys! (ok, that last 1 was a joke, kinda, he's in a band called 100 monkeys, hehe)

adam levine
adam's prostate cancer campaign pic
oops not sure how that last pic ended up here. 
clearly there's no dog in that pic. my sincerest apologies ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

crush of the week (a day late)...

this weeks crush is ryan phillippe! 
you're gonna look through this post and wonder why he looks so young in all the pics. well, the truth is.... i think he's cute, but i don't have a REAL crush on him now, my crush is on the 1999 ryan phillippe from cruel intentions. yeah, he's cute now, but i thought he was adorable back then. i'm not the only person that loved him in that movie... wanna hear a story?! k. i used to work (somewhere) and became friends with a guy (named something) who was gay (but he didn't tell a ton of people). he quit and kind of disappeared. we never talked, we didn't see each other, nobody really knew what happened to him. i randomly ran into him on the streets of san diego and we sat and chatted awhile. he was openly gay now, and was doing gay porn. his porn name was sebastian (something), after ryan's character in cruel intentions. haha. anyway, here's some pics of ryan - as sebastian and some recent pics... looks like someone's been working out! :)

crush overdose
lee pace, jared letochace crawford, ryan phillippe, kellan lutz