Sunday, June 26, 2011

fauxtography - part 1...

as it says in my biography on here, i'm a 'fauxtographer'. i love that word :) obviously i'm not a professional photographer, but i still take a TON of pics. i don't leave the house without my camera. seriously! i've had my current point & shoot camera since 2007, and even now i'm finding new features on it. haha i've been messing with some of the settings lately, and now i want to take pics of everything. i would REALLY LOVE to get a nice camera (some kind of dslr) but for now, i'm gonna have to stick with my old canon powershot. i love to take pics of stuff outdoors (plants, flowers, buildings, clouds, sunsets, etc) but i also loooove to take pics of animals. here's some that i pulled out of my iPhoto. (you'll notice i LOVE black and white photos)
cross-eyed kid
chloe - i love this pic sooo much
love this

the next set of pics were taken last night. i was laying on the couch with 'miss berni' and the sun was shining on 1 section of her face. she has such a beautiful face & the lighting was perfect, i had to grab my camera! she's a great model and sits perfectly still. i think i love these pics more than any other animal pics i've taken. 
the next 2 are the same, but i couldn't decide whether i liked the color or b&w better, so i put both in :)
pup nose

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