Thursday, June 2, 2011

"when it rains......"

gosh, i'm such a horrible blogger lately. sorry. i've missed 2 weeks of 'dudes and dogs', and haven't posted anything other than last weeks crush. 
well, have you heard the saying "when it rains... it pours!". it's true, and we've had a storm blowing over this house :( i suppose it's a minor storm compared to other peoples problems... but either way it sucks. here's some of what's been going on. last week hubby was laid off from work. yep, not cool. we had known for awhile that this would be coming, but we didn't know when. he's been home exactly 1 week now. for the past week i've been trying to figure out where we can save money (not eating out, no starbucks, etc). just when i think i've got a good plan going.... last night our cat starts acting funny, and we knew he needed to go to the vet. of course he starts acting strange AFTER the vet has closed, so our only option is the 24 hour emergency vet. my first reaction was "really cat? REALLY? at 8pm? you bastard" then i felt bad for him. i knew he was in pain, and he's my little baby, and i love him. we loaded the miserable feline into the cat carrier and hubs drove him out to temecula to the ER. he screamed and howled the entire way. he's not a fan of car rides. we were certain he had a urinary blockage and would have to be anesthetized and have a catheter, etc. 4 years ago he had this problem, and hundreds of dollars later, and an overnight stay at the hospital, we were told that he would deal with urinary problems his whole life. fantastic! *rolls eyes*. we were lucky last night and the vet said it was just a UTI, no blockage. he didn't have to be sedated, no catheter, no overnight stays etc. just antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids. thank goodness. don't get me wrong... this still wasn't a cheap vet visit. we still forked out hundreds of dollars for the little beast, but i suppose it could've been a lot worse. the monster is home now, resting and has to be given meds twice a day. 
how can something so cute cause so much stress?!

as we're getting in bed last night hubby is sucking on some candy or something. i said "what is that?" and he said "a cough drop, my throat and ear have been hurting". fabulous! *rolls eyes*. of course the DAY AFTER his insurance expires he's gonna get a sore throat and/or ear infection. his body couldn't have started feeling ill before he was laid off and still had health insurance.... it had to start feeling sick the day after he no longer has insurance. he's a pretty tough guy and said "i'm sure it'll feel better in the morning. don't worry". haaaaaaa "don't worry?!?!", he must've forgotten who he was talking to. he is married to the biggest worrywart in the world. {online definition of worrywart: one who worries excessively and needlessly. - YEP, THAT'S ME!}. i'm hoping he and the cat both feel better soon. 
so now we're eating ramen every night this week. haha i'm kidding. but seriously cat, i would soooo much rather spend money on concert tix! 1 of my favorite bands, incubus, has just released their tour schedule and i would've loved to spend hundreds on VIP tix rather than an emergency vet. oh and my car needs 2 new tires (we bought the other 2 new tires a couple weeks ago), another fun purchase. sooooo that's what's going on in this home. i'm hoping things will start looking up now. 
dear incubus, i will trade u 1 special needs cat & 2 bald tires for 2 VIP concert tix.
thanks. gratefully, me :) 

now for some randomness: 
1.) have any of you been watching the casey anthony trial on HLN or TruTV? it's day 8 of the trial, and i can't stop watching. it's crazy! 
2.) we have a raccoon friend that comes over every year. her name is petunia the raccoonia, or just petunia :) she came over a few nights ago, it was the first time i've seen her this year. she makes me soooo happy! this is her 3rd year visiting us. she came when she was younger with another raccoon (possibly her mom). last year she came by A LOT and ended up bringing her 6 little babies by to see us too. they were the cutest things you've ever seen! it was 1 of the highlights of my year last year. and now she's back again. she has 'mom boobs' again, so i think she might have new babies somewhere. i hope she'll bring them by. i should do an entire post on petunia. maybe 1 day. i have lots of pics and vids. this is a video from december 2010 (unfortunately taken on hubs' phone). she's patiently waiting by the door while beast-cat checks her out.

so anyway. yeah. that's all for now.


  1. oh man... the insurance thing???? that happened to us... we let our car insurance lapse just one day... guess what happened? i totalled my truck!!!! so awesome right? not!

    i always tell paul that our pets get sick on holiday weekends or at night... it's just the rule of thumb unfortunately... i think it would cost less to send me to vet school at Davis then to keep paying vet bills. actually it may be cheaper to buy a new brain on the black market, have the transplant, then get in to Davis, and finish than pay all of my vet bills... oye!!!!

    sorry things are crappy right now!!!! but your racooonia is really cute!!! just don't get bit and get rabies... you can't afford to pay that bill!!!! ;)

  2. Tough times don't last tough people do! My friends dad used to tell us that! I can totally relate since my hubs was out of work for a year and a half! He got laid off two weeks before my due date with Gavin! Then after Gavin was born we found a lump in his arm pit and spent the first 3 days of his life at children's hospital. Fun times we ended up having to move out of our home for cheaper rent. I was devastated because I loved our house. I just kept saying as long as I have my family I can be happy anywhere. And in the end it has been a humbling experience. For the last year we have been finacially at our poorest however we are so rich with love and I can truly tell you I am the happiest I have ever been. So socks up this too shall pass! Everything happens for a reason which will someday make sense & you will look back at the memories of eating Top Raman for weeks!

  3. Hang in there Latisha...Jill and I love you guys! It's going to be an incredible already has so far and we are only half way through it.