Friday, April 29, 2011

crush of the week...

if you're only into the stereotypical good looking guy (perfect body, pretty face, blue eyes, blonde hair, etc), then you don't need to read any further.  take a break and go check your facebook/twitter/email/whatever and check back here another day.

this weeks crush is simon neil! singer, songwriter, musician, scottie-hottie. simon is the frontman of the band biffy clyro. yeah he's a bearded, sweaty, tattooed, guy... but he's a rocker, he has a nice smile, pretty eyes, and a scottish accent, and i like him!!! in every picture i've seen of him with one of his fans, he always has the sweetest, most genuine smile. he seems like such a cool guy.

other than his face, and voice... you know what else i like?! 
i don't think i've seen a pic of him onstage wearing regular jeans. he's always wearing bright pants.... and i don't think he's ever wearing underwear, cause the top of his bum is always showing... and i'm ok with that ;) check out these pants!
bum peeking out ;)
light blue...
pink (probably my favorite pair)...
and BRIGHT orange!

this is my favorite biffy clyro song. 
(don't you love the crowd singing along in the beginning?!)


i was gonna link a video of an interview too, just so you could hear his scottish accent. but i figured after 16 pictures AND a youtube video, you've probably had enough ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

the worst combination...

i was really excited to go to bed last night. hubby was staying at a friends house watching their dog while they're out of town for a couple of days. i thought "YESSSSSS, i get the whole bed to myself!" i couldn't wait to go to bed. i was thinking about how i could watch tv as late as i wanted (without keeping the hubs awake), i could sleep in the middle of the bed all sprawled out, i wouldn't have to hear his alarm go off in the morning, i could sleep in as late as i want.... it was the ingredients for a PERFECT night! we had both hung out in temecula during the day, and it was superrrrrrr hot. by the time i got home, i was tired from the heat and sun, and considered taking a nap at 5:30pm, but decided if i skipped a nap, then i'd sleep extra good last night. so bedtime approaches and i take a quick, hot shower. i'm relaxed and ready to get in bed and watch tv (i ended up watching 2 episodes of my so-called life. hehe). i messed around online for awhile (yep, had the laptop in bed. so what?! it was MY bed for the night.). around 11:45pm, i decided i should turn everything off and try to go to sleep. i was expecting to fall right to sleep, since i had been so tired earlier. i was wrong. if you know me at all outside of the internet world, you might know that i'm an anxious person. i'm actually a HIGH anxiety person. (if i'm feeling brave, i'll tell you more about that another time). i worry about everything. big things. little things. stupid things. non-existant things. everything. well, combine that with the fact that i'm probably (although undiagnosed by a professional) a hypochondriac. that is definitely the worst combination in the world... and results in a very sleepless night. my 'perfect night' was about to be ruined :( i was laying in bed and felt a small cramp/pain in my lower abdomen. (i had surgery in nov. 2009 to remove some cysts from my ovaries, and to get rid of endometriosis - i felt this cramp/pain in the same area as my ovaries). so i subconsciously convinced myself that i had ovarian/uterine cancer. i also have recently noticed a weird (i dunno how to describe it) area around my ribs. i try to tell myself that it could just be scar tissue from my 2009 surgery, or scar tissue from my boob surgery in 2001, or maybe it's just a muscle or tendon that moves weird. well, last night when i diagnosed myself with ovarian/uterine cancer, i also diagnosed this weird rib thing as a tumor. so here i am, home alone, laying in bed with all this cancer and tumors eating me alive. then the anxiety kicks in, and i can't make it stop. i laid awake in bed for more than an hour thinking about my new illnesses. these are just some of my thoughts last night. i caused the uterine/ovarian problems from using the laptop on my lap. the radiation from the computer has definitely caused this cancer. right?! what kind of cancer treatments would i get? chemo? should i shave my head before my hair falls out on its own? i'll have to get some big earrings and wear makeup so that people know i'm a girl when i'm at the grocery store. IF i survive the cancer, when my hair starts growing back in, i should do a mohawk for a little while. i've always wanted a mohawk. i wonder what hubs will think of me with a shaved head. how will we pay for all of the medical bills? my insurance right now is kinda crappy, i should probably look into new insurance in the morning. i've heard that cancer feeds on sugar, i'll have to cut sugar out of my diet. that sucks, cause i love chocolate. i still have a big bag of cadbury mini eggs... i don't want those to go to waste, but i also don't want this cancer to get worse. etc, etc, etc. it went on forever. it sucked! it was a pretty restless night. the night that was supposed to be perfect, staying up late, sleeping alone, etc had turned into me wishing hubs was home, and wishing i could fall asleep. maybe i am a little crazy, and that's why i have a fascination with old insane asylums
now if you'll excuse me, i need to go find some youtube videos instructing you how to escape a straight jacket.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

dudes and dogs...

ryan reynolds and his rescue dog, baxter

kiefer sutherland

and special for erica, i found these pics of
matt dallas and his rescue pup, sebastian

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter...

i've been wanting a bunny for awhile now. hubs kept saying no, so i left him alone and didn't bring it up again. i found the pic of the last bunny and said "look how cute". he paused and said "ok fine, we can get a bunny ONE DAY!" haha suckerrrrrr! ;) i know he has a weakness for cute little animals, and how can you resist these little faces. i bet you want one now too, huh?! just fyi, we're not getting a rabbit yet, but when we do, i will only get one from the shelter. it's gonna make me really sad how many rabbits will end up there in the next few months :( parents are gonna give in to their whiny kids that want a bunny for easter... then when they're done with their new toy and/or it starts getting bigger and isn't a cute little bunny anymore, it's gonna end up in a cage at the shelter :( so sad. as of today there are 5,213 adoptable rabbits on, i know that number is just going to grow in the next few months. anyway, enough of the depressing stuff. hope you all had a nice easter. eat peeps and cadbury eggs until you feel like you'll explode. you won't get the chance again until next year!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


everybody has their favorite animals at the zoo. maybe it's the pandas, maybe the hippos, maybe the elephants.... but mine have always been the big cats! of course i love all of the animals (yes, even the stinky flamingos, and foaming mouthed camel) but i get especially excited around the cats. aren't they gorgeous?!
liger. amazing.
love, love, love.
i realllllly love the cats with rare color variations
golden tiger
white tiger
white lion
dear santa, i've been a good girl and i want this kitty :)
isn't she lovely?

hopefully you didn't mind that i had a ton of pics. i originally had about 40! they're just all so beautiful. dontcha think?!