Tuesday, April 19, 2011

crush of the week...

(i'm doing things a little different this week. i'm gonna do 'dudes and dogs' on friday, and 'crush of the week' today.)

this weeks crush is henry haney!!! singer, songwriter, musician, best friend, husband, hottie :) yep, that's right, my crush this week HAS to be hubby... especially 'cause it's his birthday today! we met (officially) in 2001 through mutual friends, and were (officially) together at the start of 2002. we've been inseparable ever since. i really feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to say he's MINE! he has taught me soooo much over the past 9 years. he is the most patient, understanding, kind, gentle person i've ever met. i can't imagine what my life would be like without him. i'm sure anybody that has met him (and been lucky enough to spend time with him) would agree that there is something sooo special about him, that words can't describe. he's my best friend in the whole world, he's my comforter, he's my cuddling partner, he's my dinner date, he's my movie watching partner, he's my concert-going partner, he's my fur-baby daddy, he's my counselor, he's my husband. and today he's my crush of the week :)
palomar mountain. june 2006
(i found this pic on my iphoto and had to use it. i'm sure he'll be embarrassed!)
face masks 2002
alaska - sept. 2003
alaska - sept. 2003

wedding day - feb. 2004

he's taught me how to make the 'saddest face in the world'.
he still does it way better than me.
idyllwild - thanksgiving 2005
april 2006

idyllwild - july 2006

palomar mountain - 2006
vegas - sept. 2007
the year he decided it was hilarious
to make funny faces while we're taking pics.

vegas - sept. 2007

vegas - sept. 2007
high school reunion - november 2008

incubus concert, san diego - july 2009
my birthday, los angeles - nov. 2009

mars concert, vegas - april 2010

mars concert, los angeles - may 2010
mars/epicenter fest, fontana - sept. 2010
mars concert, san diego - jan. 2011

i love him soooooo much.
happy birthday henry! :)

(ps. he took the day off of work today, and he's home! so i tried to type this up as fast as i could while he's distracted upstairs. please excuse spelling/grammar mistakes!)
(pss. he's lucky he's home today, or else i have a TON of older pics that would really embarrass him... but i'd have to scan them to put them on here. the only 'pre-engaged' photo of us i had on the computer was the 'face masks' pics. maybe i'll do a follow up post later this week with some really old pics! haha


  1. Awwww happy birthday Henry!!!!! That was super sweet!!!!

  2. I wondered when he would make it in your crush of the week! Happy Birthday Henry! Even though I've never met Henry or even seen you two interact in person it's so obvious just from pictures that you two are madly in love. You just look right together! It's like that ridiculously cute couple you pass on the street and it just puts you in a good mood! Glad you found him Latisha =)