Friday, April 15, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is jason wade! singer, songwriter, musician, hottie. jason is the lead singer for one of my favorite bands, lifehouse. lifehouse's first album, no name face, came out in 2000 and i can still remember the day i bought it. the first single on that album was called 'hanging by a moment'. i'm sure you all remember it. it was on the top charts for over a year. anyway, my boyfriend at the time had a dentist appointment in carlsbad, i dropped him off and i went to the record store and bought the cd. i drove back to the dentist, and listened to most of the cd in the car. i was hooked immediately. lifehouse has 5 albums now, but without a doubt, i've listened to 'no name face' more than any other lifehouse cd... and actually more than ANY other cd that i own. when i'm in my car and i'm feeling stressed or anxious i always put that cd on. it soothes me in a way that i can't describe. i also listened to it last time i was at the dentist and freaking out. thank god for ipods. ironically, their most popular song off the album 'hanging by a moment' is probably my least favorite... maybe it's because i've heard it too many times. i dunno. somehow i'm not sick of the other songs though. i drove home alone from vegas once, and listened to that album on repeat the whole way home. last november i went to my first lifehouse show (it was hubby's 3rd or 4th show!) and although jason was sick, i still really enjoyed it. it was a great night... got to see 1 of my ultimate crushes, it was POURING (like torrential rains. i love the rain), and hubby and i ate in'n'out after the concert. how can you beat that?! ok, so this is supposed to be about jason, and not necessarily his band. obviously i love his voice and his lyrics. but i also happen to think he's pretty darn cute as well.

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