Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter...

i've been wanting a bunny for awhile now. hubs kept saying no, so i left him alone and didn't bring it up again. i found the pic of the last bunny and said "look how cute". he paused and said "ok fine, we can get a bunny ONE DAY!" haha suckerrrrrr! ;) i know he has a weakness for cute little animals, and how can you resist these little faces. i bet you want one now too, huh?! just fyi, we're not getting a rabbit yet, but when we do, i will only get one from the shelter. it's gonna make me really sad how many rabbits will end up there in the next few months :( parents are gonna give in to their whiny kids that want a bunny for easter... then when they're done with their new toy and/or it starts getting bigger and isn't a cute little bunny anymore, it's gonna end up in a cage at the shelter :( so sad. as of today there are 5,213 adoptable rabbits on, i know that number is just going to grow in the next few months. anyway, enough of the depressing stuff. hope you all had a nice easter. eat peeps and cadbury eggs until you feel like you'll explode. you won't get the chance again until next year!

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  1. OMG! Bunnies!!!!! I swore I commented on these before! My heart is soo happy when I look at them! I want!