Tuesday, April 5, 2011

17 years ago...

17 years ago my mom picked me up after school from potter junior high (OMG, i'm old. i was in jr. high 17 years ago. sad face.) and when i got in the car she said "oh, that nirvana guy shot himself". i kinda laughed and said 'whatever'. firstly, i thought she was joking. secondly, i was shocked that she knew who nirvana was. she said "i'm not kidding. they've been talking about it on the radio". she turned on the radio, and sure enough within 10 seconds they mentioned it. kurt cobain had committed suicide in his seattle home. he was only 27 years old! if i'm being honest, i wasn't a DIE HARD nirvana fan, but i was a fan. i was obviously affected enough by it, that i still remember exactly where i was when i found out (we had just turned left onto stage coach lane - not that it matters, but i do remember it). i remember going home to watch mtv and it seemed like they played nirvana videos & the unplugged performances non-stop for days, or longer. i loved the entire unplugged episode. when i think of kurt, i picture him exactly how he was on unplugged - messy hair and an ugly green-ish grandma-looking cardigan. people have said that kurt & nirvana "changed the world of music"... that's pretty awesome for a guy who wasn't even 30 years old. anyway, here's one of the performances from unplugged.

for awhile now people have gossiped about who should play kurt cobain in a movie about his life. there have been rumors that ewan mcgregor, rob pattinson, ryan gosling and many others were going to play kurt. to me there is ONLY ONE person that could do it. can you guess who? of course you can. today i saw ---THIS---... and it kinda blew my mind. and by 'kinda', i mean 'totally'. and by 'blew my mind', i mean 'melted my heart'. now, c'mon..... how is ewan, rob or ryan gonna beat that?! i'm bummed that video was only a couple of minutes long. now i REALLY do wish they'd make a movie. and when it's done, and it's amazing, i'll stick my tongue out at everyone and say "see, told ya he would make the best kurt!".

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  1. Now in my head, i cannot ever picture him playing Kurt but omg he'd be perfect!!! That was amazing!!!

    Wow, we were at Potter 17 years ago? and I'm older than you... Geesh! We are old!

    Oh and I totally remember that green grandma sweater too... and I was not a Nirvana fan really at all.

    Plus I remember your mom picking us up at Potter and embarassing us in front of Dominic Fieri who for some reason I had a ridiculous crush on back then.