Saturday, April 23, 2011


everybody has their favorite animals at the zoo. maybe it's the pandas, maybe the hippos, maybe the elephants.... but mine have always been the big cats! of course i love all of the animals (yes, even the stinky flamingos, and foaming mouthed camel) but i get especially excited around the cats. aren't they gorgeous?!
liger. amazing.
love, love, love.
i realllllly love the cats with rare color variations
golden tiger
white tiger
white lion
dear santa, i've been a good girl and i want this kitty :)
isn't she lovely?

hopefully you didn't mind that i had a ton of pics. i originally had about 40! they're just all so beautiful. dontcha think?!


  1. My mom loves the big kitties too! I'm going to have to show this to her! She's always talking about giving them big kisses & snuggling with them. Hahaha... she looooves cats! I can't even tell you how much cat stuff we have all over our house! She wants a pink room with tons of cat stuff just like the lady from Harry potter!