Thursday, April 14, 2011

confessions: part 2...

do you remember wayyyyy back in february, i did a confessions post?! well, i have a lot more to confess. 

first confession: last night i had a dream nightmare that i kissed pauly d from the jersey shore. sadly, i think this was the 2nd or 3rd nightmare where this has happened. there is NO logical explanation. i can only THANK GOD that each time it's happened, it was only a quick kiss, and nothing more! the only positive thing i can say about this is that i'd rather it be pauly d than "the situa... i'm sorry, my gag reflex won't even let me finish that sentence. i think jersey shore is THE WORST thing that's ever been on television. hand down. what ever happened to playing music videos on mtv???? it makes me so mad.
so hot

second confession: earlier this week i was gathering photos for my dudes and dogs post. i found the pics of leonardo dicaprio that i wanted to use and saved them to my desktop. then i renamed them in the order i want to post them. example: leo1, leo2, leo3...etc. here's the confession part. as i'm typing leo1, leo2... my brain/fingers are working on their own and typing leto1, leto2, leto3. seriously, it accidentally happened 3 times. i know it's only an accidental 't' put in the middle of the word... but sadly, it's not just an accidental 't'. it's more proof that i need help! 

third confession: i am an addict. i have an addiction to cadbury mini eggs. i've known for years that i'm addicted, but this year seems more out of control than past years. i get soooo excited at the beginning of the year knowing that mini eggs will be in stores soon. i don't know why stores only sell these gems around easter. they should be on shelves year round. you might think that would be a bad idea for an addict like me, but i disagree. i think if mini eggs were available year round, i wouldn't stuff my face with them for 3 months straight. i feel like i need to eat as many as i can while i have the chance. did you know that in canada they have mini eggs every month of the year?! lucky brats.
btw, if mini eggs are my drug... hubby is my dealer. no joke. he's always surprising me with them. i thank him, but my jeans (and every other pant that doesn't have an elastic waist) do not thank him.

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  1. my dear friend this may be the first time we disagree.... lol... #1, i swore i would never watch jersey shore... and i made it through about 3/4 of the way through the first season until one night there was nothing on tv and i caught a marathon... now i am hooked on the damn show... i would totally make out with pauly d... but i do agree mtv is supposed to be about music videos... mtv2 should be for shows...

    and my other disagree... is cadburry eggs... ick!!!! can't do it... horribly nasty... can't even want to tell you what the inside reminds me of... almost just threw up on my keyboard! =)

    still love you though!