Monday, February 28, 2011

this is my confession...

this is my confession... just when i said all i thought i could say, my chick on the side, said she got 1 on the way. WAIT, never mind, that's an usher song. sorry. let me start over....

this is my confession... i might belong on the show hoarders. before you start visualizing what my house looks like... i'll say that i'm not AS bad as the hoarders on that tv show. our house looks normal, but... if you were to look in my bathroom, or dresser you'd understand what i mean. i'll start with the dresser: i have a TON of jeans, but i only wear a few pairs. i can't get rid of some of them. what if i NEED them 1 day?! i have a drawer full of underwear, and i swear i keep throwing some away, but the drawer is still overflowing (i've always had tons of underwear. i love them. i can remember having TONS even in jr. high). ok, onto the bathroom. i cleaned my bathroom (sort of - not really) today, and i realized i might have a problem. i emptied my make-up bag, and make-up case (yes, a bag AND a case, there's your first hint that i have a huge problem) to clean them. i took out the make-up to wipe them down and organize them, and see if there's anything i could throw out. i started with eyeshadows. i have wayyyyyyyyy too many eyeshadows.
seriously, who needs this many? 
sadly, that is just the MAC shadows. 
i must have 20 more that are random brands - stila, lancome, bobby brown, revlon, cover girl, etc.

i then went through blushes, foundation, powder, concealer, bronzers, shimmers, eyeliners, glosses and whatever else was in there. they weren't too bad. i only ended up throwing away 1 liner, 1 gloss, 2 foundations, 2 blushes and 1 powder. i couldn't part with any shadows, for some sick reason. i honestly only wear 4 or 5 of those colors.

then i went through make-up brushes.
again, seriously?!

some of those are duplicates (meaning i have 2 of the same brush). i was only able to throw away the 2 small brushes on the right side. why do i need all of those?! i don't know.

finally, i moved onto my hair stuff. 
why would 1 person need 8 brushes?!

i'm sure i don't need to remind you that i only have 1 head, and 2 hands. when in life, will i ever need 8 brushes? again, i couldn't part with them, i was only able to throw the purple brush away. i gave up cleaning after i got to the brushes. my hair stuff could take a whole day to go through. i have 2 curling irons, hot rollers, velcro rollers, sponge curlers, blow dryer, flat iron, diffuser, combs... and that's just the gadgets. i have soooo many hair products - and i just bought another 1 yesterday. it's kinda sickening. it's shocking that i would own all of these, especially since i rarely wear a bunch of make-up anymore, and my hair is in a pony-tail 95% of the time. 
i should probably make this a 2-part confession, so that you'll REALLY understand why me owning 8 brushes is ridiculous. ok, this is my 2nd confession: i hardly ever brush my hair. yeah, i know that it might gross you out. but i'm being honest. i don't wash my hair everyday, and i only brush my hair when i wash it! make sense?! in my defense, my hair doesn't tangle easily. after i wash it, i'll blow dry it (with 1 of my many round brushes), and it will still look decent the next day. i've gone to my moms house before and she'll say "oh my gosh, your hair looks sooooo good!" and i'll laugh and say "really? i haven't brushed it for a couple days". it always grosses her out. oh well. 

part 3 of this confession: i knew those usher lyrics without looking them up..... and i could probably sing most of the rest of the song, haha. that might be the most disturbing part of this whole blog post! 

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  1. okay you beat me in makeup brushes and hair brushes but i actually have 3 mac cases.. full of MAC stuff... i probably have over 70 of their eye shadows... it's ridiculous... and now all i wear is a neutral shadow. haahhaha.