Friday, February 25, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is james franco! actor, director, writer, painter, hottie. i feel this is a good time to have him as the crush of the week, since he will be hosting the academy awards this weekend (sunday night). not only is he hosting, he is also nominated in the category 'best performance by an actor in a leading role' for his film '127 hours'. he has previously been nominated for SAG awards, golden globes, an emmy, mtv movie awards, teen choice awards, and pretty much every other awards you can think of. he has acted in tv shows, lots of films and even a soap opera. sounds like a busy guy, huh?!?! he felt like he still had some things to accomplish... so in 2006 he went back to college (while still acting) and graduated from ucla in 2008 as an english major. Since then, he has attended simultaneous grad programs at NYU's tisch school of the arts for filmmaking and at columbia univ. and brooklyn college for fiction writing. HOLY COW, take a break james franco. nope, he wasn't done.... he took courses at north carolina's warren wilson college for poetry. and he is now a Ph.D candidate at yale while also taking classes at the rhode island school of design. are you kidding me?!?! he's been doing all that schooling since 2006 and somehow has also made around 20 films(and/or tv shows) since 2006. that is dedication! i'm impressed!!!! so here he is, smarty pants james franco :)


he has a really contagious smile. 
when he smiles and laughs, he doesn't hold back at all. his whole face smiles... not just his mouth. 
i like how his eyes wrinkle when he smiles big :)

so, are you gonna watch the oscar's this weekend??? 

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  1. OMG I first saw him in Whatever It Takes and have loved him ever since!!! Such a cutie!!!!