Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dudes and dogs...

matthew mcconaughey and bj
matt and bj are always spotted out and about in malibu.
it seems like bj lives the dream life of most dogs. 
he gets to run and play on the beach.
he always seems to be off leash. 
his owner is very active and exercises with him every day.
lucky dog!

ashton kutcher
(ashton & demi have several chihuahua's & an older mutt)
precious (above)

ashton also babysat some pitbull puppies for a friend. 
these are pictures he posted on twitter-
relaxing with the puppies in his trailer while on break on a movie set.
i'm sure there's A LOT of ladies 
that wouldn't mind coming home to this (above)....
hot dude chilling on the couch with an adorable puppy?!?! yes please!

thanks matthew & ashton for loving your pups!

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  1. i looooooove both of them.... i actually had a pic of matthew and his dog on my fridge forever!!! =)