Friday, February 18, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is josh holloway! actor, model, manly-man, hottie. he may look kinda pretty, but he's a rugged dude. he loves all outdoor activities. loves to fish, hike, surf, play sports, anything active. he's most well known for playing 'sawyer' on the tv show 'lost' (which i miss, a lot!). hubby and i watched lost every week, and almost every week when josh would appear on screen for the first time i'd giggle. it was pretty sickening. i'd try to control it, and sometimes i was able to keep it in, but usually i would get caught giggling and smiling. josh modeled before he started acting, and appeared in an old navy commercial... where i SWEAR i remember thinking he was cute, but thought he was 'old'. he was also in the 1994 aerosmith 'cryin' video (he steals alicia silverstone's bag in the diner). he is currently filming the new mission: impossible movie. i miss seeing him on tv every week :(
i wish i was the lucky person hired to pour water on him for 
the davidoff cool water cologne photoshoot.

my FAVORITE pic that i found this morning.
pretty eyes, pretty teeth, adorable dimples, and some 
grey in his face scruff.

he's cute in pics, but there's something about the way he talks that's adorable too (he grew up in georgia, and he has a bit of an accent). he always seems happy, and very friendly. i didn't want to put a video clip of lost cause he's acting in that, so here's an interview from jimmy kimmel. he's got a great laugh.


  1. Holy hot!!!! OMG I loved that Aerosmith video!

  2. I LOVE a little grey in the face scruff! SO cute!