Tuesday, February 15, 2011

continuing with the dog theme...

today is the birthday of someone VERY special :) my favorite dog in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD turns 6 today. no, she's not my dog. she doesn't even belong to someone in my family. you may wonder "how could you love her so much if she's not even your dog?". well, how could you NOT love her?!?! i've been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with her over the past few years. when her family goes out of town, i stay at her house and take care of her (and her 2 older sisters). she is always just as excited to see me, as i am to see her. she'll immediately start crying and whining and smothering me when i walk through the door. she is the happiest dog ever. she has a great smile.... seriously, the corners of her mouth turn up into a smile when she's happy. and if she's REALLY happy, her whole face scrunches up and she shows you her top row of teeth. it's precious. she is a giant love bug.
so, here she is, the coolest dog i know.... meet Star!
this is an older pic taken on my phone. not great quality, but look how happy her face is!
she loves to play, and is the best fetcher ever. 
she'll set a toy on the couch, and stare at you until you're ready to play.
(another old phone pic)
she LOVES the pool. 
she's a great swimmer, and does some amazing jumps into the water.
i took this pic yesterday. we were both soaking up some morning sun.
sweet starry girl.
don't you love her??? 
her family is out of town right now, so i get to spend her birthday with her.... and spoil her with too much love and too much attention.

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  1. yellow labs are one of my all time favorite dogs!!! they just are the sweetest!!!! she looks like a perfect girl!!!! happy birthday star!!!! <3