Thursday, February 17, 2011

stepping out of my comfort zone...

i did 3 things yesterday that were TOTALLY out of the ordinary for me. these will not seem like big things to any average person... but to me, they were all a BIG deal!

-first, i dyed my hair brown. not really a big deal, 'cause i love it, but it's definitely different for me. i haven't taken any real pics yet (with a real camera), so here are 2 blurry-ish pics... but you get the idea.
me & poontz
me making faces at my favorite girl, star

-second, i... went out... in public... with... NO MAKEUP on!!! probably the scariest/bravest thing i've done. i've seen halloween masks that are less scary than my face sans makeup! do you think i'm crazy? well, i'm serious. never in my adult life have i gone into a store without any makeup on. i've gone to the gas station, but i keep my large sunglasses on, and i don't look anyone in the eye (i'm sure i look really guilty, like i've just robbed/murdered someone). and if the kiosks (where you pay) are out of order and it says to go inside and pay, i'll just leave, and go to another station. that's not a lie, it's happened several times. i know, i have issues. well yesterday, i went out with ONLY moisturizer and chapstick on. ok, i'll admit i only went to sally beauty supply, which is way different than going to the mall or somewhere like that.... but still, it was a first step.... and i'd like to mention that besides the 2 employees, there were also 5 customers in there. frightening, but i survived, barely.

-third, 30 seconds to mars announced new north american tour dates for spring. they're playing a show in LA in april, and presale tix went on sale yesterday morning at 10am. and... get ready for this.... i didn't buy any! OMG, call the press, this is huge news! since the end of 2009 i've bought tix to all of their 'local' shows (and even 1 in vegas) the SECOND they went on sale. i would wait at my computer 5 minutes before the presale started (with my presale password in hand) ready to buy the tix immediately, hoping i'd get pit tix or at least great seats. it's now been 27 hours since the presale went live, and i'm sure all of the good seats are taken (i only consider the first 5-10 rows to be the 'good seats'). i think i might regret not getting them, but we'll see. ask me how i feel on april 9. when the show was first announced i was talking to hubby about it and he said "if you wanna go, of course i'll go with you.... but maybe we can save some money and try some different concerts this year". hahaha WHAT??? you mean there are concerts other than mars concerts?!?! i really do have the greatest husband in the world. he's let me buy tix AND he's gone to every mars show with me. and he never complains. i always tell him "you don't have to go, i'll even go by myself if i have to". last time he said "no, you're not going alone. i wanna go with you". i said (in a sneaky voice with an exaggerated devilish grin) "what, you don't trust me alone with them?" he quickly said "no, i don't trust you AT ALL with them, hahaha, but thankfully i DO trust their security to keep you off of the stage! i don't wanna have to bail you out of jail, so i'll go with you". he's so funny.

ps. not sure what is up with my blog background. it's been solid grey all day. if it's not back to normal tomorrow, i'll have to pick a new background image. bummer.

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  1. sooo funny!!!! you would die if you saw how i leave the house... sooo embarassing!!!!

    your background is normal now!