Thursday, February 3, 2011

i'm not crazy, and neither am i...

don't let this scare you... but, i have a strange fascination with old insane asylums. i think it's more about the architecture than the mentally unstable patients that inhabit them. i looooove the old asylum buildings from the late 1800's, they're amazing! sadly, most of them have been abandoned or demolished. i would love to visit some and take pictures. i'd most likely just admire them from the outside, i'm not sure i could wander through the dark, abandoned hallways. check these pics out, aren't they beautiful?

buffalo state hospital - completed in 1895

hudson river state hospital - completed in 1871

and lastly, my favorite and probably most famous:
danvers state hospital - completed 1878

there is a movie called 'session 9' that was filmed inside danvers. it's super cool/creepy to see the inside of the hospital. it's very prison-like. there are hallways & stairways separated by ceiling to floor chain link fencing. one side is for staff, the other for patients.
here are some interior pictures
there is NO amount of money that you could pay me to walk down that underground brick hallway alone. but sadly, if a certain guy looked at me with his BIG BLUE EYES and said "if you go down that hallway, in the dark, by yourself... i'll spend the next 24 hours with you".... i'd go. and i'd go smiling... but with a bit of pee running down my leg.

could you do it?!


  1. I love them too!!! But I love the science and the strange belief systems that went along with them. They are beautiful though! I would totally do it but would be scared to death!!!

  2. Well, if it's really a strange fascination, there are a whole lot of strange people in the world.

  3. I would go down no matter what it look's so cool!