Monday, February 28, 2011

this is my confession...

this is my confession... just when i said all i thought i could say, my chick on the side, said she got 1 on the way. WAIT, never mind, that's an usher song. sorry. let me start over....

this is my confession... i might belong on the show hoarders. before you start visualizing what my house looks like... i'll say that i'm not AS bad as the hoarders on that tv show. our house looks normal, but... if you were to look in my bathroom, or dresser you'd understand what i mean. i'll start with the dresser: i have a TON of jeans, but i only wear a few pairs. i can't get rid of some of them. what if i NEED them 1 day?! i have a drawer full of underwear, and i swear i keep throwing some away, but the drawer is still overflowing (i've always had tons of underwear. i love them. i can remember having TONS even in jr. high). ok, onto the bathroom. i cleaned my bathroom (sort of - not really) today, and i realized i might have a problem. i emptied my make-up bag, and make-up case (yes, a bag AND a case, there's your first hint that i have a huge problem) to clean them. i took out the make-up to wipe them down and organize them, and see if there's anything i could throw out. i started with eyeshadows. i have wayyyyyyyyy too many eyeshadows.
seriously, who needs this many? 
sadly, that is just the MAC shadows. 
i must have 20 more that are random brands - stila, lancome, bobby brown, revlon, cover girl, etc.

i then went through blushes, foundation, powder, concealer, bronzers, shimmers, eyeliners, glosses and whatever else was in there. they weren't too bad. i only ended up throwing away 1 liner, 1 gloss, 2 foundations, 2 blushes and 1 powder. i couldn't part with any shadows, for some sick reason. i honestly only wear 4 or 5 of those colors.

then i went through make-up brushes.
again, seriously?!

some of those are duplicates (meaning i have 2 of the same brush). i was only able to throw away the 2 small brushes on the right side. why do i need all of those?! i don't know.

finally, i moved onto my hair stuff. 
why would 1 person need 8 brushes?!

i'm sure i don't need to remind you that i only have 1 head, and 2 hands. when in life, will i ever need 8 brushes? again, i couldn't part with them, i was only able to throw the purple brush away. i gave up cleaning after i got to the brushes. my hair stuff could take a whole day to go through. i have 2 curling irons, hot rollers, velcro rollers, sponge curlers, blow dryer, flat iron, diffuser, combs... and that's just the gadgets. i have soooo many hair products - and i just bought another 1 yesterday. it's kinda sickening. it's shocking that i would own all of these, especially since i rarely wear a bunch of make-up anymore, and my hair is in a pony-tail 95% of the time. 
i should probably make this a 2-part confession, so that you'll REALLY understand why me owning 8 brushes is ridiculous. ok, this is my 2nd confession: i hardly ever brush my hair. yeah, i know that it might gross you out. but i'm being honest. i don't wash my hair everyday, and i only brush my hair when i wash it! make sense?! in my defense, my hair doesn't tangle easily. after i wash it, i'll blow dry it (with 1 of my many round brushes), and it will still look decent the next day. i've gone to my moms house before and she'll say "oh my gosh, your hair looks sooooo good!" and i'll laugh and say "really? i haven't brushed it for a couple days". it always grosses her out. oh well. 

part 3 of this confession: i knew those usher lyrics without looking them up..... and i could probably sing most of the rest of the song, haha. that might be the most disturbing part of this whole blog post! 

Friday, February 25, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is james franco! actor, director, writer, painter, hottie. i feel this is a good time to have him as the crush of the week, since he will be hosting the academy awards this weekend (sunday night). not only is he hosting, he is also nominated in the category 'best performance by an actor in a leading role' for his film '127 hours'. he has previously been nominated for SAG awards, golden globes, an emmy, mtv movie awards, teen choice awards, and pretty much every other awards you can think of. he has acted in tv shows, lots of films and even a soap opera. sounds like a busy guy, huh?!?! he felt like he still had some things to accomplish... so in 2006 he went back to college (while still acting) and graduated from ucla in 2008 as an english major. Since then, he has attended simultaneous grad programs at NYU's tisch school of the arts for filmmaking and at columbia univ. and brooklyn college for fiction writing. HOLY COW, take a break james franco. nope, he wasn't done.... he took courses at north carolina's warren wilson college for poetry. and he is now a Ph.D candidate at yale while also taking classes at the rhode island school of design. are you kidding me?!?! he's been doing all that schooling since 2006 and somehow has also made around 20 films(and/or tv shows) since 2006. that is dedication! i'm impressed!!!! so here he is, smarty pants james franco :)


he has a really contagious smile. 
when he smiles and laughs, he doesn't hold back at all. his whole face smiles... not just his mouth. 
i like how his eyes wrinkle when he smiles big :)

so, are you gonna watch the oscar's this weekend??? 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

time flies...

this week i am reminded how quickly time flies. 10 years ago (on the 22nd) i made a HUGE decision, that would affect me the rest of my life... i got myself some boobs! WHAT?? you hussy!!! yep, i'm 'that' girl that wasn't satisfied with how she was.... so i made some 'improvements'. it's shocking to me now, to look back at what a big decision it was, and to think that i made that 'grownup' decision when i was just a kid. for as long as i can remember, i always wanted boobs... but wasn't "blessed" with them. when i turned 18 i was thinking "OMG, i'm an adult now. i could probably buy them if i want. but how will i ever get the money?". when i was 19 i was in a car accident. my car was totaled, and in turn, i got some money. BINGO! haha i bought a new car (well, new for me) and with the extra money, i decided that, naturally, the smartest thing to do was get implants. i can remember talking with lots of people about it at work. (i worked at nordstrom at the time.) i remember talking with 1 guy and he said "i think it would be smarter to spend the money on a vacation or something"... pshhh, what did he know?! there was 1 girl that i thought was soooo pretty, and she had fake boobs, she talked with me about it and said "trust me, you'll regret it. in 5 or 6 or 7 years you're gonna remember me telling you this, and you're gonna say 'wow, she was right'". pshhhh, WHATEVER girl, of course you can say that... you already have the boobs, and you're gorgeous! there were less people that encouraged it, than people that tried to talk me out of it. of course it was ultimately gonna be my decision and i had my mind made up. nobody was gonna change my mind. so, a few months after my 20th birthday i did it! it was sooooo scary. the night before the surgery i can remember crying before bed. my mom said "you can change your mind. we don't have to go", and i said "NO, i want to do it. i'm not crying because i don't want to. i don't know why i'm crying". the appointment was early in the morning (thank goodness. it would've driven me crazy to have to wait around all day). i don't really remember much from that morning... i'm sure i was just quiet and anxious. we drove down to my doctor in la jolla, and we were taken back right away. my mom eventually left then came back later to pick me up. i went back with the doctor, and had to put on the thin hospital robe, knee high tight socks, and paper hat thing. man i looked good! then the doctor drew all over my chest in marker. literally from my neck to my belly-button, i was covered in marker lines, circles, arrows, etc. by now, i'm a little delirious, thinking 'holy cow, this is really gonna happen!". i had never had surgery before, so i didn't know what to expect. i thought they'd stick me on a gurney, then roll me into the operating room. NOPE. i WALKED into the operating room! the nurse held my arm, and walked with me. i remember her opening the double doors, and i looked in and thought "OH CRAP! an operating room!" there were big lights, lots of nurses, and it was really, really, really cold in there. i laid on the table, and they put the oxygen mask on me. i had seen movies/tv shows where they do surgery, and this isn't what i expected. i said "wait! aren't i supposed to countdown backwards from 10?", the nurse laughed and said "you wouldn't even make it to 8".... that's the last thing i remember. i woke up after surgery shivering... like i couldn't keep my jaw shut, it was chattering uncontrollably. apparently this was a reaction to the anesthesia. they pushed me, in a wheelchair, out to my moms car... which i barely remember. i was sooooooo out of it. my mom said the only thing i said on the hour drive home was "do they look big?" and my mom said "sure", and i  replied "thanks!". so you'd think that's the end of the bad stuff, right?!?! surgery is over, all is well. WRONGGGGGGGG! turns out my body doesn't react well to anesthesia. AND apparently i have an allergy to medications with codeine in them. sooo, that means for the 1st 2 days after surgery, i was sick to my stomach. now, try to imagine this... having your chest cut open, large balloons crammed in there, sewn up with stitches, and being sick to your stomach. yep, every time i got sick, i swore my chest was gonna bust open. it was miserable. i cried. i didn't eat. i barely slept. it wasn't until the middle of the day after surgery, that the dr's suggested i was probably getting sick from the pain meds, and to quit taking them. ummmm, excuse me?! stop taking the pain meds? yep. i had breast implants the day before, and i was only allowed to take tylenol and tylenolPM. it was a rough recovery, but i survived, and i went back to work just a week later - still with stitches in, still swollen, still bruised, still in a ton of pain. 
fast forward to now (10 years later) and i can't believe at just 20 years old i put myself through that. i can't really remember how bad the pain was, all i know is that i hated it. i'm sure it's similar to having a baby... you remember you were miserable, but you don't remember exactly how bad it was. 
maybe i should've saved that $5200, or spent it on something else. i dunno. i can't really say that i regret it. i CAN say that i don't think having bigger boobs is as important as i thought it was. i actually think natural little boobs look way better than fake ones. but i'm sure if i didn't get them back then, i'd still want them today. if i knew a young girl that wanted to get them, i'd tell her they're not that big of a deal.... but like the 19 year old me, she'd probably ignore me and do it anyway. 

*k, for reals, i can't concentrate on how to end this blog cause jared leto is on tv. hahaha. i'm serious. i keep trying to think of a good couple of sentences to wrap this up, but i'm soooooo distracted. maybe i should've saved that $5200 on therapy for my leto-sickness. probably would've been better spent. what is wrong with me???? k, i gotta go, LOL* 

yep, that's how i'm ending it. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dudes and dogs...

matthew mcconaughey and bj
matt and bj are always spotted out and about in malibu.
it seems like bj lives the dream life of most dogs. 
he gets to run and play on the beach.
he always seems to be off leash. 
his owner is very active and exercises with him every day.
lucky dog!

ashton kutcher
(ashton & demi have several chihuahua's & an older mutt)
precious (above)

ashton also babysat some pitbull puppies for a friend. 
these are pictures he posted on twitter-
relaxing with the puppies in his trailer while on break on a movie set.
i'm sure there's A LOT of ladies 
that wouldn't mind coming home to this (above)....
hot dude chilling on the couch with an adorable puppy?!?! yes please!

thanks matthew & ashton for loving your pups!

Monday, February 21, 2011

when you wish upon a star...

...makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you. 

isn't that how the song goes?! ok, well this is what my heart desires.

i need want this farm in england!!!! it's on 90 acres, and includes a beautiful large stone barn. it's lovely. i'm in love! here is a LINK with more pics. it's only a little over $2 million.... which really isn't that much if you compare it to houses here. in LA you could probably get a house built in 1975 that has orange shag carpet, mirrored walls and a small patio for about $2 mil, and the smog, traffic and shady neighbors come free.
if i can get this house, i PROMISE i will NEVER ask for anything else....

except, maybe, this chateau in france
it has a moat!!!!!! c'mon!!! thank goodness i already know a handful of french words and phrases. to be safe, i better buy rosetta stone and start practicing.

but for reals... God, if you happen to be browsing my blog today, i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want the farm in the english countryside. thanks ;)

Friday, February 18, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is josh holloway! actor, model, manly-man, hottie. he may look kinda pretty, but he's a rugged dude. he loves all outdoor activities. loves to fish, hike, surf, play sports, anything active. he's most well known for playing 'sawyer' on the tv show 'lost' (which i miss, a lot!). hubby and i watched lost every week, and almost every week when josh would appear on screen for the first time i'd giggle. it was pretty sickening. i'd try to control it, and sometimes i was able to keep it in, but usually i would get caught giggling and smiling. josh modeled before he started acting, and appeared in an old navy commercial... where i SWEAR i remember thinking he was cute, but thought he was 'old'. he was also in the 1994 aerosmith 'cryin' video (he steals alicia silverstone's bag in the diner). he is currently filming the new mission: impossible movie. i miss seeing him on tv every week :(
i wish i was the lucky person hired to pour water on him for 
the davidoff cool water cologne photoshoot.

my FAVORITE pic that i found this morning.
pretty eyes, pretty teeth, adorable dimples, and some 
grey in his face scruff.

he's cute in pics, but there's something about the way he talks that's adorable too (he grew up in georgia, and he has a bit of an accent). he always seems happy, and very friendly. i didn't want to put a video clip of lost cause he's acting in that, so here's an interview from jimmy kimmel. he's got a great laugh.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

stepping out of my comfort zone...

i did 3 things yesterday that were TOTALLY out of the ordinary for me. these will not seem like big things to any average person... but to me, they were all a BIG deal!

-first, i dyed my hair brown. not really a big deal, 'cause i love it, but it's definitely different for me. i haven't taken any real pics yet (with a real camera), so here are 2 blurry-ish pics... but you get the idea.
me & poontz
me making faces at my favorite girl, star

-second, i... went out... in public... with... NO MAKEUP on!!! probably the scariest/bravest thing i've done. i've seen halloween masks that are less scary than my face sans makeup! do you think i'm crazy? well, i'm serious. never in my adult life have i gone into a store without any makeup on. i've gone to the gas station, but i keep my large sunglasses on, and i don't look anyone in the eye (i'm sure i look really guilty, like i've just robbed/murdered someone). and if the kiosks (where you pay) are out of order and it says to go inside and pay, i'll just leave, and go to another station. that's not a lie, it's happened several times. i know, i have issues. well yesterday, i went out with ONLY moisturizer and chapstick on. ok, i'll admit i only went to sally beauty supply, which is way different than going to the mall or somewhere like that.... but still, it was a first step.... and i'd like to mention that besides the 2 employees, there were also 5 customers in there. frightening, but i survived, barely.

-third, 30 seconds to mars announced new north american tour dates for spring. they're playing a show in LA in april, and presale tix went on sale yesterday morning at 10am. and... get ready for this.... i didn't buy any! OMG, call the press, this is huge news! since the end of 2009 i've bought tix to all of their 'local' shows (and even 1 in vegas) the SECOND they went on sale. i would wait at my computer 5 minutes before the presale started (with my presale password in hand) ready to buy the tix immediately, hoping i'd get pit tix or at least great seats. it's now been 27 hours since the presale went live, and i'm sure all of the good seats are taken (i only consider the first 5-10 rows to be the 'good seats'). i think i might regret not getting them, but we'll see. ask me how i feel on april 9. when the show was first announced i was talking to hubby about it and he said "if you wanna go, of course i'll go with you.... but maybe we can save some money and try some different concerts this year". hahaha WHAT??? you mean there are concerts other than mars concerts?!?! i really do have the greatest husband in the world. he's let me buy tix AND he's gone to every mars show with me. and he never complains. i always tell him "you don't have to go, i'll even go by myself if i have to". last time he said "no, you're not going alone. i wanna go with you". i said (in a sneaky voice with an exaggerated devilish grin) "what, you don't trust me alone with them?" he quickly said "no, i don't trust you AT ALL with them, hahaha, but thankfully i DO trust their security to keep you off of the stage! i don't wanna have to bail you out of jail, so i'll go with you". he's so funny.

ps. not sure what is up with my blog background. it's been solid grey all day. if it's not back to normal tomorrow, i'll have to pick a new background image. bummer.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

continuing with the dog theme...

today is the birthday of someone VERY special :) my favorite dog in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD turns 6 today. no, she's not my dog. she doesn't even belong to someone in my family. you may wonder "how could you love her so much if she's not even your dog?". well, how could you NOT love her?!?! i've been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with her over the past few years. when her family goes out of town, i stay at her house and take care of her (and her 2 older sisters). she is always just as excited to see me, as i am to see her. she'll immediately start crying and whining and smothering me when i walk through the door. she is the happiest dog ever. she has a great smile.... seriously, the corners of her mouth turn up into a smile when she's happy. and if she's REALLY happy, her whole face scrunches up and she shows you her top row of teeth. it's precious. she is a giant love bug.
so, here she is, the coolest dog i know.... meet Star!
this is an older pic taken on my phone. not great quality, but look how happy her face is!
she loves to play, and is the best fetcher ever. 
she'll set a toy on the couch, and stare at you until you're ready to play.
(another old phone pic)
she LOVES the pool. 
she's a great swimmer, and does some amazing jumps into the water.
i took this pic yesterday. we were both soaking up some morning sun.
sweet starry girl.
don't you love her??? 
her family is out of town right now, so i get to spend her birthday with her.... and spoil her with too much love and too much attention.

dudes and dogs...

orlando bloom and sidi
orlando was filming a movie in morocco when he found sidi on the streets. 
he fell in love with the puppy and had to rescue him. thank you orlando. 
what a lucky pup!!!
orlando takes sidi everywhere with him. vacations, movie sets, lunch... everywhere!
sidi has traveled more than most humans i know. 
here is sidi at a dog park in LA...
in new york...
on the beach (with a friend) in the bahamas...
in london...
and finally taking a nap with orlando in between takes on the movie 'elizabethtown'. 

ryan gosling and his rescue dog, george
such a cute dog!!!!!!!!!
check out george's mohawk :)

thank you orlando and ryan for rescuing your dogs 
and showing them soooo much love!