Friday, April 22, 2011

dudes and dogs...

josh duhamel and zoey
he's carrying the baby out of the emergency animal hospital

simon baker

christian slater

(next week the blog will be back to normal... dudes and dogs on tuesday, and crush of the week on friday)


  1. ahhhh i love dapple colored wiener dogs!!!! hahah paul is deathly afraid of wiener dogs... his grandma had a bunch and they all were mean and bit him as a child.

  2. I had a romantic comedy type dream with Josh Duhamel in it the other night. I woke up all happy. He was the comic relief though not my love interest though. My love interest switched off between these two guys playing the same character
    I know what you're thinking about the last one... but he was soo romantic & sweet! It was adorable! <3