Saturday, June 4, 2011

açai on the bridge...

yesterday hubs and i were sitting at the house, kinda bored. he said "we should get out of here for awhile. let's go somewhere". we decided we should make açai bowls and go sit somewhere in the sun. i whipped us up some açai and we got in the car. we planned to go sit near the golf course, but there were some issues, so we kept driving. we ended up at the old bonsall bridge, and i'm really glad we did. have you ever walked across the old bridge? it's so peaceful. once you get to the middle of the bridge, you don't really hear any traffic, only birds happily chirping. it was wonderful. we picked a spot on the bridge, and sat down and ate our açai.... then we turned it into a photoshoot. unfortunately we were both wearing gross "around the house" clothes. him in a pair of shorts that are 10 times too big (without a belt, haha), me in sweats and a sweatshirt. i was glad i had that sweatshirt though, it got breezy. i loooooooove taking photos... of everything! we got lucky because the sun was getting ready to set, and the shadows and lighting looked amazing with the architecture of the bridge. here are some of our pics from yesterday.
hubs isn't usually into the whole picture thing. 
for some reason yesterday he said "lets set the timer & take pics"
genius idea! we set the timer and carried on eating & chatting. 
it randomly takes 4 pictures. we moved the camera, reset it and did it again.
"2 little lovebirds sitting on a bridge...."
i have no idea what we were looking at.
love this!
LOOOOVE the lighting in this!
self portrait - açai stain on my shirt and all ;)
i love him

if you're in the area and bored, you should stop there 1 day. just don't steal our spot, cause i guarantee we'll be back soon :) next time we'll wear normal clothes and i'll put some makeup on!

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  1. I love these!!! I've always wanted to go there! You guys are the cutest! <3