Tuesday, July 19, 2011

dudes and dogs...

curtis stone

edward norton

ryan seacrest
i loooooove great danes!

and finally, 
alex pettyfer
i found this picture online and thought "wow, he's kinda cute!!!".
before you agree and start thinking un-pure thoughts, read on...
i found his name, had no clue who he was, did some research, 
and was shocked/saddened to find out he was born in 1990!
yep, 1990! as in, when i was already 10 years old, 1990. ouch. haha


  1. Hahahah ewwww he's younger than my younger brother!!!!! But he IS hot!!!!!

    I didn't know that Ryan Seacrest had a great dane!!!! I love danes too!!!!! I want a blue merle dane so bad one day!!!!

  2. Ahhh, that's not that young! He can still hang out in bars! Old enough in my book! JK. (Sorta)