Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dudes and dogs...

oops! i forgot to do dudes and dogs yesterday.

bradley cooper
after doing some research for dudes and dogs, i've fallen in love with coop (yeah, that's what i call him now) :) 
he is a HUGE animal lover.
kisses from a military k-9
coop and his rescue girl, charlotte
he says he sneaks her on film sets, even though she's not allowed :)
saying bye to charlotte at the airport
so adorable!
he found out about a 14 year old german shorthaired pointer, samson, that was going to be euthanized in 3 weeks at a shelter. he felt bad for the old guy, so he adopted him. samson got to live out the last year of his life with coop and charlotte. after samson died, coop wanted to honor him, so he had a giant photo printed of a close up of samson's eye. it now hangs in his house. this is that photo... and charlotte is lying under the table.

adrien brody
i like this pic

joaquin phoenix


  1. Bradley Cooper is freakin gorgeous and a dog lover!!!! That means he is pretty near perfect in my book!!!!

  2. I LOVE "Coop". He is so hot! And I love that photo over his dining room table! Awesome!

  3. You kill me with Bradley Cooper & then I flat lined when I saw Adrien Brody!!! How is it that we love all the same men?!