Friday, January 7, 2011

crush of the week....

if you know me, it will be no surprise that i have a blog post called 'crush of the week'. i'll admit it, i'm 30 years old, VERY happily married and still boy crazy! i might have to make the 'crush of the week' a friday blog ritual... we'll see. trust me, i won't run out of crushes!

this weeks crush is reeve carney! singer, guitar player, actor, hottie. reeve and his brother, zane (love that name), are in a band called carney. reeve sings and plays guitar, zane also plays guitar - they've got a bass player and drummer as well, but i don't know anything about them. their music is kinda beatles meets zeppelin meets other cool old rock bands :) check out their song: love me chase me

(i apologize if vevo makes you watch an advertisement first. i hate that!)
kind of a sexy song, huh?!

reeve is also in a film that was released in december 2010 called: the tempest (with helen mirren, russell brand and some others). i haven't seen it yet, i'll wait til it comes out on dvd. here's the trailer:

andddddd for you broadway and/or comic book geeks, reeve is also playing spider-man on broadway's: spider-man, turn off the dark.

all around talented guy. here's 1 last video of him singing bohemian rhapsody. if you don't watch any of the other vids i put on this post, please watch this one. just him and a guitar, amazing! don't you love his voice?!



  1. ok i love that you have crush of the week... all of my friends tease me that i am too old or too married to have crushes... seriously? am i dead? i think not!!!! i have your back girlie!!!!


  2. He's soooo your type! I'm single, but completely boy crazy too . . . Lindsey accused me of being creepy because I'm always "on the prowl". haha