Friday, January 28, 2011

crush of the week...

this weeks crush is colin farrell! actor, bad boy, irish, hottie. colin has been in almost 30 films over the past 15 years. in 2009 he won the golden globe award for his performance in 'in bruges'. he has a bad boy reputation (swearing, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, rehab, sex tape, 2 baby mommas, etc etc) but i can't help it, i like him! i think the irish accent hypnotizes me and i'm sucked in (like all of the rest of his alleged hollywood flings). he's a charmer. every time i watch interviews with him, i catch myself smiling anytime he smiles or laughs.... it's kinda disgusting. what??? are you laughing at me??? watch this clip of him on the ellen degeneres show and tell me you don't at least smirk (watch from 0:30 - 2:25ish...or longer if you want). and then tell me that you don't (even for a second) wish that you were a 53 year old lesbian comedian/talk show host. click HERE. here are some pics to check out after you've gotten giddy from watching the video ;)

don't stare at this pic (above) too long, 
i feel like he could possibly get you pregnant just by looking at you!

you've probably forgotten all about the bad boy stuff, huh?! haha even with his gritty past we have something in common. what? he's a big hollywood star, you're a big dork from a small town. what in the world could you have in common?! we both have a love for jared leto *sigh*. in 2004 colin and jared both starred in the movie 'alexander', where their characters were portrayed as possibly being secret lovers. since then their bromance has blossomed. watch this clip of colin on jay leno... just the thought of jared makes him giggle like i do a teenage girl! strange, huh?! why does he get so uncomfortable talking about jared?!? 

and here are some bromantic pics of the 2 of them. consider me jealous!

i feel like this one (above) might be photoshopped, but i dunno.

colin, dude, back off my man!!


  1. Ok, he's pretty cute but we don't have to fight over this one =)

  2. You'll have to fight me!! And I think you seriously might be able to get pregnant from looking at that pic. As my co-blogger Taryn says, "Holy hottie!!" Have a good weekend, Tish!

  3. oh, and how do we get our hands on that sex tape? Just sayin'.