Wednesday, January 5, 2011

uhhh, you'll have to be patient with me....

yep, that's right, i'm gonna try out this blogging thing. this isn't going to be like other blogs... my spelling/grammar won't always be correct, i don't have a lot of interesting things to talk about, and as you can tell... i have some sort of aversion to capitalizing any letters - i think it's a condition that medical experts would call 'laziness'! but anyway, i've had several people tell me that i should start a blog, so here i am. i don't know what kind of stuff i'll post,  maybe some yummy recipes that i have to share, maybe some cool pictures i find online, maybe some rants, maybe just some of the rambling thoughts in this mess of a mind (that will no doubt either entertain you, or scare you. you've been warned!). 
*deep breath* now all i have to do is hit publish, and this will be official. here we go.....


  1. Welcome to the blog world, Tisha!!

  2. you can do it!!!! mine is all just ramblings and for some reason, people seem to read it =)