Wednesday, August 24, 2011


this is my 100th post! woohoo!

you know what i haven't posted enough of?? --> gifs.
you know what i have posted enough of?? --> jared leto crap.
if i combine the 2, i'm sure it evens out. so, welcome to todays post! haaa

i love gifs. seriously. i see them on peoples tumblr's, twitters, blogs, etc. and i love them.
i especially love when they post a gif in response to a question or comment.
"did you hear george clooney is single again?"
*for the record, i do not know mr. clooney's relationship status*

example 2:
"did you see the pictures of joe manganiello my friend kellee posted on her blog?"

fun, huh?! haha
so what could be better than pics of jared? MOVING pics of jared!
here we go.

my exact reaction to his eyes in the 1st gif

my response to the people reading this, rolling their eyes:

jared's response:


  1. these are amazing . . . and you are so funny! haha

  2. Hilarious!!!!! I love that you added my Joe pics in there!!!! hahaha

  3. The booty shakin' one made me realize how much I need a boyfriend! Ha! ... but really O_O

  4. Also, I'm in love with Jonah Hill. I can't help it. He's funny.