Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wardrobe wednesdays...

i guess i shouldn't really call this 'wardrobe wednesdays' since i'm sure it won't be a weekly post. i don't know nearly enough about fashion to have a weekly fashion post. all i know is i like things that are comfortable. i was browsing online, and came across an outfit i really liked... except i didn't like it for me... a guy was wearing it. i swear i was looking for clothes for me, i wasn't looking up male runway models. 
anyway, i thought i'd share the looks i found. all of the pictures are from the balmain fall 2011 show in paris. i love the 'grunge' look for some guys. these pics have a bit of grunge mixed with current fashion. these outfits obviously aren't for everybody. and you probably have to be manorexic to wear this many layers and still look good.
i love tall boots.

i'm a fan of guys in scarves.

minus the belt, i love this!

i love striped shirts, and i LOVE his boots.

this is all kinds of goodness. if he lost 1 scarf it'd be even better.
the hair, the plaid shirt, the socks, the boots - all good.

love all of this too.
if he had on the boots from pic #4 it'd be a perfect outfit!

whatcha think? do you like any of it?

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  1. Is it weird that I would wear every single one of those outfits... probably.

    ... oh well!!! I love boys clothes!!! <3