Monday, March 28, 2011


there are a lot of things i say that unintentionally make my husband laugh. you've heard the saying "i'm not laughing AT you, i'm laughing WITH you"... well, he's usually laughing AT me. i often catch myself saying "why is that funny?". one thing he always laughs at (and actually HATES) is when i say something is yummy. he doesn't like the word, and he ESPECIALLY doesn't like it when i'm saying it about something that is not edible. he doesn't understand why i'd use the word 'yummy' for something that i like, that isn't food. i know i'm not the only person that describes things as being yummy, right?!?! here are some examples:

chocolate cake... an obvious yummy.
this one he would understand, 
but would prefer that i choose another word to describe it.

sleeping kittens... yummy.

basket full of puppies... yummy.

puppy breath... yummy.
i honestly enjoy the smell of puppy breath

my favorite barefoot dreams blanket... yummy.
my favorite cozy blanket + my favorite movie + chocolate = a yummy overload.

jared leto's bum... yummy :)
ah heck, the front is pretty yummy too.

and maybe the yummiest of all yummy's on this blog.... THIS!
cutest little bunbun that i've ever seen... yummy!

do you hate the word yummy? 
do you ever use it for things other than food? 
i mean, c'mon, how can you argue that the baby bunny is anything but yummy!!!!!

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  1. holy smokes - holy smokes - HOLY SMOKES!!!! high five Henry!!!! I HATE to word,,,, it was hard to read this post {no joke}!!! I don't care if you're using it to describe something you can or cannot eat - can't stand the word!!! ask rica - he knows - probably my number one hated word,, so for the future,,,
    barefoot dreams blanket - *heaven*
    chocolate cake - *tastes sooooooo good*
    little bunnies - *the most adorable thing ever* {really, would you ever put one of those bunnies in your mouth?? if yes, you really, really think at that point you'd still be thinking, you know, that Y word?? highly doubt it!!! so, again, give your hubby a high five from me - I've totally got his back on this one!!!
    {kisses} :-) :-)